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Trevor Noah Names The Law That Just Has To Be Enacted If Donald Trump Wins Again

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["Trevor Noah already has a policy proposal prepared should President Donald Trump win the 2020 elezione. On Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” Noah noted how New Jersey had voted to legalize marijuana and sugge...

Stephen Colbert Celebrates The 1 Thing We’ll Never See Donald Trump Do Again

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["Stephen Colbert was in a celebratory mood following Thursday’s final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “Tonight had its ups and downs,” noted “The Late Show” host. ...

Trump Once Again Claims He ‘PrepaidHis Taxes And Gets Mocked By Twitter Users

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["Most presidential candidates use the last day before an election articulating their vision for the next four years. President Donald Trump spent his insisting that, contrary to various reports, he’s actually paid a ...