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Contractors Smuggled Armed Mexican Nationals To Guard Trump’s Border Wall: Complaint

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["Construction companies hired to help erect President Donald Trump’s southern border wall secretly helped armed Mexican nationals illegally cross into the U.S. while paying them to provide security detail at their co...

Jim Mattis Privately Defends Trump’s Biggest Arms Sale As Congressional Opposition Grows

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["Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is trying to save President Donald Trump’s massive weapons sale to the United Arab Emirates as skeptical senators worry about the country’s brutal track record across the Middle E...

Vaccine Czar ‘LiterallyDoesn’t Know About Trump’s Planned Executive Order On Vaccines

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["The head of the Trump administration’s COVID-19 vaccine development project on Tuesday said he “literally” doesn’t know anything about President Donald Trump’s planned executive order to prioritize vaccinations for ...

This Is How Trump’s Executions Are Spreading The Coronavirus

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["STR New / Reuters The execution chamber in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Trump administration is planning on executing five more people before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. In late November, as health official...

Major Jewish Group Joins Fight Against Trump’s Massive Middle East Weapons Sale

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["Illustrazione: Damon Dahlen/HuffPost; Fotografie: Getty J Street, a prominent Jewish American organization working on Middle East issues, is joining the growing push to stop President Donald Trump from sending $23 billio...

Georgia Lt. governo: No Special Session To Overturn Biden Win, Despite Trump’s Efforts

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["Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) has no plans to call a special session of the state legislature to overturn Joe Biden’s election win, despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to convince him to do so, Lt. governo. Geoff Dun...

Trump’s Parting Gift To Biden: An Even Worse Catastrophe In Yemen

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["Video credit: Skye Fitzgerald, director, Spin Film As one of its final foreign policy acts in office, the Trump administration could take a step that would push millions of people in Yemen into starvation and prolon...

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Rips ‘ReptileWilliam Barr For Not Backing Trump’s Election Lies

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["Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night called Attorney General William Barr a “reptile” for failing to support Donald Trump’s baseless claim that the presidential election he lost was “rigged.” Though Barr ha...

Trump’s ‘Stupid’ governo. Kemp Call ‘Bordered On Criminality’: Former Senate Leader Harry Reid

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["President Donald Trump’s Saturday phone call to Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp “bordered on criminality,” former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told CNN. Trump called Kemp to demand that the govern...

Georgia Gov. Pushes Back Against Trump’s Last-Ditch Attempts To Subvert Election

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["Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R), once a close ally of President Donald Trump, has reportedly pushed back against Trump’s last-ditch attempts to interfere in the state’s presidential election results. During a phone call...

Gli utenti di Twitter hanno alcune idee per il titolo beffardo per il Memoir segnalato di Melania Trump

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["Secondo quanto riferito, la first lady Melania Trump è in trattative per scrivere un libro di memorie sul suo periodo alla Casa Bianca. E gli utenti di Twitter, proprio come hanno fatto in precedenza con il figlio del presidente Donald Trump, Donald Trump jr., e forma...

Kimmel Cut All Lies From Trump’s 46-Minute Rant And Now It’s A Super Quick Watch

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["President Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory-filled rant about the 2020 election on Facebook this week was stripped of all its lies on Thursday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” And now it’s a super quick watch. Host ...

Conservative Pundit Fears Now Is ‘Most DangerousPart Of Donald Trump’s Presidency

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["Charlie Sykes, the founder of the conservative website The Bulwark, on Wednesday warned Americans to keep focused on Donald Trump now more than ever as it could actually be the “most dangerous” part of his presidenc...

Gli utenti di Twitter arrostiscono la tirata di frode elettorale di 46 minuti di Trump

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["Il presidente Donald Trump è andato su Facebook mercoledì e ha speso 46 minuti che mentono sui brogli elettorali. Sebbene il video di Trump abbia riciclato una serie di affermazioni già smentite che suggerivano una cospirazione globale dietro il suo ...

Anderson Cooper Delivers Lengthy Takedown Of Donald Trump’s Latest ‘Con

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["Donald Trump’s latest “con” was placed under the microscope by Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, with the CNN host breaking down the president’s bid to raise money from supporters off the back of his election defeat. Coop...

Barack Obama perfora le cospirazioni elettorali Biden di Trump con un'analogia calcistica

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["L'ex presidente Barack Obama ha usato un'analogia con il calcio per sfatare i continui tentativi del presidente Donald Trump di rubare il 2020 elezione. Obama ha paragonato le affermazioni infondate di Trump sulla frode elettorale di massa e la sua falsa affermazione..

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