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‘The BoysShowrunner Explains Why Marvel Movies May Have Helped Trump’s Rise

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["At this point, it’s a trope that Marvel superheroes are responsible for the villains who rise up to oppose them, but could your favorite fictional supes also be the reason for a real-life person’s rise to power? Ama...

‘SNLStages Musical Love Letter To NYC After Trump’s ‘Ghost TownDiss

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["NBC via Getty Images New York City is famously not a ghost town on \"Saturday Night Live.\" New York City never looked more alive than during an all-star musical tribute on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” Ret...

Don Lemon Shines A Light On The Election Lies Spread By Donald Trump’s Adult Children

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["CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday highlighted the misinformation that has been spread by President Donald Trump’s adult children in the wake of their father’s projected election defeat. The “CNN Tonight” host noted how D...

Trump’s Legal Team Cried Voter Fraud, But Courts Found None

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["PHILADELPHIA (AP) — As they frantically searched for ways to salvage President Donald Trump’s failed reelection bid, his campaign pursued a dizzying game of legal hopscotch across six states that centered on the big...

Gli appaltatori hanno contrabbandato cittadini messicani armati per proteggere il muro di confine di Trump: Rimostranza

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["Le società di costruzioni assunte per aiutare a erigere il muro di confine meridionale del presidente Donald Trump hanno segretamente aiutato cittadini messicani armati ad attraversare illegalmente gli Stati Uniti. mentre li pagano per fornire dettagli di sicurezza presso la loro compagnia..

People Can’t Believe This RNC Tweet About Donald Trump’s Priorities Isn’t A Parody

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["Twitter users did a double-take Friday at a thread from the Republican National Committee which laid out some of President Donald Trump’s priorities for a second term. Critics rounded on the RNC over one of its post...

Donald Trump’s Adult Sons Spreading Election Disinformation To Discredit Vote

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["As the Trump campaign launches a feverish attempt to contest election results in key states where President Donald Trump’s lead either doesn’t exist or is slipping away, the president’s two adult sons are using thei...

John Bolton Urges Republicans To Publicly Reject Trump’s ‘BaselessVoter Fraud Claims

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["Former national security adviser John Bolton on Sunday called on Republican leaders to publicly reject President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud and acknowledge President-elect Joe Bi...

Il messaggio del Ringraziamento di Trump esorta le persone a "radunarsi",’ Nonostante la pandemia infuria

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["Il presidente Donald Trump ha esortato gli americani a "radunarsi" per il Ringraziamento, anche se la pandemia di coronavirus continua a devastare gli Stati Uniti., con i ricoveri in aumento e il bilancio delle vittime giornaliero spesso superando 2,000. "Cioè...

Donald Trump’s Decades Of Racism Is On Full View In Scathing Supercut

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["MSNBC’s Ari Melber aired a montage of President Donald Trump’s racism on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Beat.” And the anchor asked: “Are you for or against this?” The scathing 80-second supercut begins by recalling ...

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals One Way He Hopes To Forget All About Donald Trump’s Presidency

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["Jimmy Kimmel wants to forget the last four years of Donald Trump’s presidency. Così, on Friday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!", the late-night comedian revealed what he plans to call Trump if he loses the 2020 elect...

Chris Hayes Reveals Donald Trump’s ‘Weird Kind Of Superpower’

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["MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Wednesday delivered a searing assessment of Donald Trump’s post-election behavior, suggesting the outgoing president has a “weird kind of superpower” that allows him to cause destruction witho...

Gli utenti di Twitter hanno alcune idee per il titolo beffardo per il Memoir segnalato di Melania Trump

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["Secondo quanto riferito, la first lady Melania Trump è in trattative per scrivere un libro di memorie sul suo periodo alla Casa Bianca. E gli utenti di Twitter, proprio come hanno fatto in precedenza con il figlio del presidente Donald Trump, Donald Trump jr., e forma...

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Shreds Trump’s ‘I Know NothingDefense With Damning Videos

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["Brianna Keilar dismantled what she called President Donald Trump’s “I know nothing” defense on Monday ― and she had receipts. The CNN host slammed the president for feigning ignorance about certain topics he doesn’t...

EPA Staff Slams Trump’s Anti-Diversity Orders: ‘They Are Punitive And Demeaning’

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["Environmental Protection Agency staffers are organizing against President Donald Trump’s recent executive order banning diversity trainings, mounting what may be the fiercest opposition to Trump administration polic...

Lawrence O’Donnell Decodes Trump’s Silence, Urges: ‘Take It For The Gift That It Is’

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["President Donald Trump still refuses to acknowledge defeat in the 2020 elezione. But on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” host Lawrence O’Donnell suggested the president may already have done so — vi...

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