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Women Have Spent Trump’s Time In Office Building Political Power

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["插图: HuffPost; 相片: Getty Three days after Election Day in 2016, I got a message on Twitter from a new friend. She was having a handful of people over, mostly women, to sit and talk and process and — mos...

What Melania Trump’s Fashion Choices Say About Her Politics

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[]["“Vestis facit virum,” wrote Catholic priest and social critic Erasmus in Latin during the Middle Ages, arguing that “clothes make the man.” The adage rings even truer in the era of social media influencers and con...

疫苗沙皇“字面意思”’ 不知道特朗普计划中的疫苗行政命令

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["周二,特朗普政府 COVID-19 疫苗开发项目的负责人表示,他“实际上”对唐纳德特朗普总统计划中的优先接种疫苗的行政命令一无所知。 ...

Twitter Users Throw Trump’s ‘ApprenticeCatch Phrase Back In His Face

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["Many Twitter users only needed two words to express their reaction to Democrat Joe Biden’s win over President Donald Trump. 当然, those two words just happened to be Trump’s favorite catch phrase from his days ...

Twitter Users Roast Trump’s 46-Minute Election Fraud Tirade

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["President Donald Trump took to Facebook on Wednesday and spent 46 minutes lying about election fraud. Although Trump’s video recycled a number of already debunked claims suggesting a global conspiracy was behind his...

Twitter Users Have Some Mocking Title Ideas For Melania Trump’s Reported Memoir

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["First lady Melania Trump is reportedly in talks to write a memoir about her time in the White House. And Twitter users, just as they have done previously with President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and form...


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["ST. 圣彼得堡, 弗拉. —想想他是个大人, shier Biden voter. 男, 58 岁, 一生的共和党人. 投票选举候选人唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump) 2016 但拒绝与唐纳德·特朗普总统有任何关系 ...

特朗普的 COVID-19 顾问告诉密歇根州“起来”’ 关于惠特默的新限制

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["博士. 斯科特·阿特拉斯, 白宫备受争议的冠状病毒顾问, 鼓励周日反政府起义. 格雷琴·惠特默 (D) 密歇根州旨在遏制该州风险的新 COVID-19 安全协议。.

Trump’s Closing Message: I Will Cheat

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["AP Photo/Karl DeBlaker President Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd following a speech at a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, 十一月. 2, 2020. WASHINGTON ― After four years of ignoring expertise, lyin...

Trump’s Ballot-Counting Demand Would Disenfranchise Overseas Troops

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["WASHINGTON ― The commander in chief who reportedly called U.S. troops “suckers” and “losers” is now pushing a ballot-counting policy that could disenfranchise tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Amer...

Trump’s Twitter Tantrum, Safety Net Cuts And Biden Transition: 赫芬顿邮报读者的观点

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["HuffPost 插图在最近的民意调查中, HuffPost 成员要求最高的功能之一是读者评论综述. 每周, HuffPost 编辑会阅读您对我们的头条新闻的评论,并突出显示那些....

Trump’s Tweets Will Stop Getting Special Treatment If He Loses

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["President Donald Trump’s tweets will no longer be subject to special treatment if he loses the election to Democratic nominee Joe Biden, meaning his account ― which has racked up multiple misinformation warnings thi...

Trump’s Transition-Blocking GSA Boss Finally Tweeted And It Was Weird As Hell

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["General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy, who has refused to authorize the transition process for President-elect Joe Biden, fired off her first tweet in nearly two weeks on Wednesday and it wasn’t what an...

Trump’s Transition Chaos Is A National Security Nightmare

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["President Donald Trump remains commander in chief for only more 10 weeks, until President-elect Joe Biden takes office in January. But during that time, Trump is in a position to make destabilizing foreign policy ch...

Trump’s Touted ‘Coronavirus DrugLinked To Psychiatric Disorders

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["A drug repeatedly and erroneously pushed by President Donald Trump earlier this year as a positive treatment for coronavirus has been linked to psychiatric disorders. Chloroquine and a related compound, hydroxychlor...

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