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Trump’s Rallies Didn’t Pay Off For Him At The Polls, According To Data

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["President Donald Trump’s largely maskless campaign rallies may have boosted the spread of COVID-19, but they didn’t serve Trump well at the polls, according to a ballot analysis by NBC News. In an overwhelming numb...

Trump’s Touted ‘Coronavirus DrugLinked To Psychiatric Disorders

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["A drug repeatedly and erroneously pushed by President Donald Trump earlier this year as a positive treatment for coronavirus has been linked to psychiatric disorders. Chloroquine and a related compound, hydroxychlor...

Eric Trump’s Latest Attempt To Spread Disinformation Backfires Like All The Rest

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["Another day, another conspiratorial tweet from Eric Trump. En, weereens, the vast majority of Twitter users aren’t buying it. On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump’s second-eldest son continued with his eff...

Donald Trump’s Tiny-Looking Desk Is Now A Hilarious ‘Photoshop Battle

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["That viral picture of President Donald Trump sat at a tiny-looking desk during his Thanksgiving press conference on Thursday initially became a meme. Now, the widely mocked snap has sparked a frenzied “Photoshop Bat...

People Can’t Believe Donald Trump’s Tiny Desk For His Thanksgiving Rant Isn’t A Joke

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["President Donald Trump sat at a small desk to baselessly rant about election fraud on Thanksgiving and Twitter users had a field day with the furniture. Trump flipped out at a reporter, whined about the media and re...

Trump’s Thanksgiving Message Urges People To ‘Gather,’ Despite Raging Pandemic

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["President Donald Trump urged Americans to “gather” for Thanksgiving — even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the U.S., with hospitalizations rising and the daily death toll often surpassing 2,000. “I e...

Stephen Colbert Nails waarom Biden dit moeilik kan vind om Trump se opdragte te lees

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["Stephen Colbert het Woensdag raakgesien wat 'n "moeilike" deel kan wees van die oorgang na die amp vir die verkose president Joe Biden. "The Late Show"-gasheer het opgemerk hoe die Withuis uiteindelik afgeteken het - na weke van s ...

Stephen Colbert verander Donald Trump se Turkye-begenadiging in verkiesingsbraai

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[""Late Show" gasheer Stephen Colbert het Dinsdag 'n monoloog bykos gemaak van president Donald Trump wat 'n kalkoen begenadig het. (Kyk die snit hieronder.) Die komediant het 'n snit gewys van die president wat die jaarlikse Withuis lei..

Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Gets Gobbled Up In Hilarious ‘Photoshop Battle’

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["Redditors gobbled up President Donald Trump’s pardoning of a turkey in the annual White House Thanksgiving tradition on Tuesday. A “Photoshop Battle” broke out over one particular image of the outgoing president wit...

Trump’s Former Ghostwriter Has Four Words Of Post-Presidency Advice

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["If Donald Trump plans to write his memoirs after he leaves office, he won’t be able to count on Tony Schwartz, the man who co-wrote his 1987 bestseller “The Art Of The Deal.” Schwartz let the president know in no un...

Trump’s 2018 Turkey Pardon Bizarrely Foreshadowed 2020 Verkiesing

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["As coincidences go, this one is pretty bird-brained. Some people who’ve witnessed President Donald Trump’s recent unwillingness to concede the election to Joe Biden are seeing parallels to Trump’s 2018 turkey pardon...

Rachel Maddow Rings The Alarm On How Trump’s ‘Setting The Place On FireAs He Leaves

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["Rachel Maddow on Monday warned what’s being “overlooked” as President Donald Trump tries to “stretch out defying” the result of the 2020 verkiesing. The host of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” said Trump’s ongoing le...

Konserwatiewe rubriekskrywer waarsku teen Donald Trump se koue nalatenskap vir die GOP

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["Max Boot, 'n konserwatiewe rubriekskrywer vir The Washington Post, in sy jongste opinie Maandag gewaarsku oor wat hy vrees president Donald Trump se nalatenskap vir die GOP sal wees. Boot het geskryf oor sy hoop dat Trump se "verregaande" bi ...

Rush Limbaugh Knocks Trump’s Lawyers For Not Providing Voter Fraud Proof

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["Few Republicans are more partisan than Rush Limbaugh, but even he is having a hard time getting behind President Donald Trump’s baseless claim of widespread voter fraud. The controversial talk show host admitted on ...

Trump’s Twitter Tantrum, Safety Net Cuts And Biden Transition: Uitsigte van HuffPost-lesers

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["HuffPost illustrasie In 'n onlangse peiling, een van HuffPost-lede se mees gevraagde kenmerke was 'n samevatting van leserskommentaar. Elke week, HuffPost-redakteurs lees jou kommentaar op ons topverhale en beklemtoon dié wat c...

Trump’s Attempts To Overturn The Election And Stay In Power Outrage Voters Of Color

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["Kent Nishimura via Getty Images DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 04: Election workers process a ballot final stretch of absentee ballot counting at the Detroit Department of Elections Central Counting Board of Voting absentee...