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Republikeine bevestig nog een van Trump se ongekwalifiseerde hofkeuses

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["Op 'n dag toe die Verenigde State 'n kwartmiljoen mense dood aan COVID-19 verbygesteek het, Republikeine van die Senaat was besig om op iets anders op te tree: bevestig nog een van president Donald Trump se geregtelike n ...

Coronavirus Regstreekse opdaterings: Report Claims Infighting, Exhaustion Deadlocking Trump’s COVID-19 Task Force

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["The coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life around the globe, with more than 40 million people confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 since Chinese officials implemented the first coronavirus lockdown in the city...

Georgia Lt. Gov: Geen spesiale sessie om Biden Win omver te werp nie, Ten spyte van Trump se pogings

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["Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) het geen planne om 'n spesiale sitting van die staatswetgewer te belê om Joe Biden se verkiesingsoorwinning om te keer nie, ten spyte van president Donald Trump se pogings om hom te oortuig om dit te doen, Lt. Gov. Geoff Dun...

Fox News’ Guy Benson Nails GOP Hypocrisy In Supporting Trump’s Election Denial

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["Conservative commentator Guy Benson said on Fox News Thursday that Donald Trump’s maneuvering to overturn his election defeat would have enraged Republicans if Hillary Clinton had tried the same thing after losing t...

People Can’t Believe Donald Trump’s Tiny Desk For His Thanksgiving Rant Isn’t A Joke

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["President Donald Trump sat at a small desk to baselessly rant about election fraud on Thanksgiving and Twitter users had a field day with the furniture. Trump flipped out at a reporter, whined about the media and re...

Eric Trump’s Conspiratorial ‘People Know’ Tweet Elicits A Single Word Reply

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["Twitter users took Eric Trump to task Thursday over his latest conspiratorial tweet — and they hit back at President Donald Trump’s son with a single word. Eric Trump wrote “people know exactly what is going on in t...

Donald Trump’s Adult Sons Spreading Election Disinformation To Discredit Vote

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["As the Trump campaign launches a feverish attempt to contest election results in key states where President Donald Trump’s lead either doesn’t exist or is slipping away, the president’s two adult sons are using thei...

Seth Meyers spot met 'politieke meesterbrein’ Trump se verkiesing 'Hack’

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["Seth Meyers het Donderdag op Donald Trump dorp toe gegaan vir sy vertolking van hoe demokrasie werk, selfs al het verskeie state voortgegaan om stemme te tel in 'n presidensiële verkiesing wat nog te naby aan ...

MSNBC Cuts Into Donald Trump’s Premature Victory Speech To Fact-Check His Lies

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["MSNBC’s Brian Williams interrupted the network’s broadcast of Donald Trump’s speech from the White House in the early hours of Wednesday morning to point out that the president’s claims about already winning the 202...

Twitter Users Have Some Mocking Title Ideas For Melania Trump’s Reported Memoir

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["First lady Melania Trump is reportedly in talks to write a memoir about her time in the White House. And Twitter users, just as they have done previously with President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and form...

Don Lemon Has A Simple Solution To One Of Donald Trump’s Favorite Rally Gripes

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["CNN’s Don Lemon had some “real talk” for Donald Trump after airing a montage of the president whining about having to attend reelection rallies. On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Lemon offered Trump a simp...

Kontrakteurs het gewapende Mexikaanse burgers gesmokkel om Trump se grensmuur te bewaak: Klag

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["Konstruksiemaatskappye wat gehuur is om president Donald Trump se suidelike grensmuur te help oprig, het in die geheim gewapende Mexikaanse burgers gehelp om onwettig na die VSA oor te steek. terwyl hulle betaal word om sekuriteitsbesonderhede by hul maatskappy te verskaf..

Donald Trump’s Effort To Steal The Election Is Comically Stupid — And Extremely Dangerous

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["Donald Trump is no stranger to comically stupid scandals. He was impeached for an open attempt to illegally leverage congressionally approved military aid so a newly elected Ukrainian president would investigate riv...

Donald Trump’s Tiny-Looking Desk Is Now A Hilarious ‘Photoshop Battle

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["That viral picture of President Donald Trump sat at a tiny-looking desk during his Thanksgiving press conference on Thursday initially became a meme. Now, the widely mocked snap has sparked a frenzied “Photoshop Bat...

Donald Trump’s Lawyer Slammed Him As An ‘IdiotIn Unearthed Facebook Posts, Interviews

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["Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser to Donald Trump, now appears on TV to staunchly defend the president’s desperate attempts to steal the 2020 verkiesing. But in a series of Facebook posts and radio interviews from 2...

Former GOP-Appointed Federal Prosecutors Blast Trump’s ‘RecklessVote Fraud Comments

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["More than a dozen former Republican-appointed top federal prosecutors called out President Donald Trump for making “premature, ongegrond, and reckless comments” about voter fraud as he appears on the verge of a loss ...