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Stephen Colbert Turns Donald Trump’s Turkey Pardon Into Election Roast

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert made a monologue side dish of President Donald Trump pardoning a turkey on Tuesday. (Watch the clip below.) The comedian showed a clip of the president leading the annual White House...

BBC Anchor Clashes With John Bolton In Tense Interview About Trump’s Impeachment Trial

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["BBC John Bolton BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis found herself in a tense on-air clash with Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton last night. An agitated Bolton repeatedly told Maitlis to “let me finish”...

Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief Of Staff, Has Coronavirus: 보고서

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["Mark Meadows, President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, has the coronavirus, Bloomberg and ABC reported Friday. Meadows reportedly informed several advisers of his COVID-19 diagnosis after Election Day. Meadows remai...

Republicans Confirm Another One Of Trump’s Unqualified Court Picks

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["On a day when the United States surpassed a quarter of a million people dead from COVID-19, Senate Republicans were busy taking action on something else: confirming another one of President Donald Trump’s judicial n...

Conservative Pundit Fears Now Is ‘Most DangerousPart Of Donald Trump’s Presidency

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["Charlie Sykes, the founder of the conservative website The Bulwark, on Wednesday warned Americans to keep focused on Donald Trump now more than ever as it could actually be the “most dangerous” part of his presidenc...

코로나바이러스 라이브 업데이트: Report Claims Infighting, Exhaustion Deadlocking Trump’s COVID-19 Task Force

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["The coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life around the globe, with more than 40 million people confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 since Chinese officials implemented the first coronavirus lockdown in the city...

Trump’s Silent Public Outing Belies White House In Tumult

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["워싱턴 (AP) — Donald Trump spent 10 minutes in public Wednesday honoring America’s war veterans — a veneer of normalcy for a White House that’s frozen by a defeated president mulling his options, mostly forgoing...

내셔널 리뷰는 트럼프가 '악명을 위한 입찰'로 인정하기를 거부했다고 비난했습니다.’

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["보수적인 내셔널 리뷰(National Review)는 금요일 사설에서 도널드 트럼프 대통령이 11월 11일을 훼손하려는 시도를 비난하는 글을 쓰지 않았다.. 3 선거, 대통령의 행동을 "악명을 위한 시도"라고 불렀다. 마가즈...

Jim Mattis는 의회 반대가 커지면서 Trump의 가장 큰 무기 판매를 개인적으로 방어합니다.

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["회의적인 상원의원들이 중동 전역에서 아랍에미리트의 잔혹한 실적을 우려하는 가운데 짐 매티스 전 국방장관이 아랍에미리트에 대한 도널드 트럼프 대통령의 대규모 무기 판매를 막으려 고 노력하고 있습니다..

Damning Supercut Exposes One Of Donald Trump’s Favorite COVID-19 Lies

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["President Donald Trump likes to falsely claim the United States is turning or “rounding the corner” on the coronavirus pandemic. A lot. 그래서, on Friday, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” released a montage of the pres...

GOP Governor Calls Trump’s Premature Victory Remarks ‘A Terrible Mistake

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["Maryland’s Republican Gov. Larry Hogan slammed President Donald Trump on Wednesday for prematurely and falsely declaring victory in the election while also signaling that he would contest contrary results, saying th...

One Of Donald Trump’s Favorite Insults Is Flipped Back On Him In ‘Daily ShowSupercut

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["Donald Trump’s penchant for calling other people “losers” was turned back on him by “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” The Comedy Central program tweeted a montage Friday of old clips in which the outgoing president...

Stephen Colbert Nails Why Biden May Have A Hard Time Reading Trump’s Briefings

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["Stephen Colbert on Wednesday spotted what could be a “tough” part of the transition into office for President-elect Joe Biden. “The Late Show” host noted how the White House has finally signed off — after weeks of s...

Trump’s Ballot-Counting Demand Would Disenfranchise Overseas Troops

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["WASHINGTON ― The commander in chief who reportedly called U.S. troops “suckers” and “losers” is now pushing a ballot-counting policy that could disenfranchise tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Amer...

Special Counsel Investigating Trump’s Use Of White House For His Campaign

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["The Office of the Special Counsel has launched an investigation into allegations that President Donald Trump’s campaign violated federal law by using the White House as a campaign command center on Election Day. The...