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Trump Team Would Get Its ‘Clock CleanedAt Supreme Court, Scoffs Pennsylvania’s Lt. Gov.

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["Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman laughed off the “losing” legal challenges by President Donald Trump and his campaign and warned that they would get their “clock cleaned” if they get a case to the U.S. Supreme C...

Jimmy Kimmel Says A Donald Trump Coup Would Answer An Important Question

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["Jimmy Kimmel ruminated Wednesday on the possibility of President Donald Trump going full despot ― and he came to some funny conclusions. (Watch the monologue below.) A string of Pentagon personnel moves, including T...

Letterman Says A Trump Loss Would Be ‘A Relief To Every Living Being In This Country

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["David Letterman thinks President Donald Trump is going to lose reelection bigly. If you didn’t know, the former “Late Show” host isn’t a fan of the current president, which he made clear in a recent interview with V...