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Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Defends Truth Using Fake Teddy Roosevelt Quote

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["A top legal adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign is attempting to defend truth and honesty ― by using a quote falsely attributed to President Teddy Roosevelt. Jenna Ellis posted a photo on Twitter Tuesday n...

Chris Cuomo Gives Trump The Cold Truth About His Presidential Legacy

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["CNN’s Chris Cuomo delivered an ice-cold rebuke of Donald Trump on Monday after the president allowed the transition to his successor’s administration to begin, more than two weeks after the race was called for Presi...

Obama Says Trump Has Accelerated ‘Truth DecayIn America

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["According to former President Barack Obama, gli Stati Uniti. faces a tough battle to reverse a culture of division and “truth decay” that has only been accelerated by his successor, Il presidente Donald Trump. In a “60 Minutes”...

The Surprising Truth About How Long Postpartum Depression Lasts

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[]["PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou via Getty ImagesPostpartum depression may last far longer than doctors and patients ever realized.When Jane gave birth to her baby 10 years ago, she very quickly began experiencing signifi...

Eyewitness Exposes The ‘SickTruth About Trump’s Treatment Of Migrant Children

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["President Donald Trump insists that hundreds of migrant children who were separated from their immigrant parents and held in detention centers are “so well taken care of.” But a reporter who saw how those kids are t...