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Stephen Colbert Turns Donald Trump’s Turkey Pardon Into Election Roast

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert made a monologue side dish of President Donald Trump pardoning a turkey on Tuesday. (Watch the clip below.) The comedian showed a clip of the president leading the annual White House...

Joe Biden Turns 78, Will Be Oldest U.S. President

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Joe Biden turned 78 on Friday. In two months, he’ll take the reins of a politically fractured nation facing the worst public health crisis in a century, high unemployment and a reck...

Trump Turns Against Fox News As Reality Of Election Loss Sets In

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["President Donald Trump is throwing perhaps his biggest ally under the bus as the reality of his election loss sets in. “.@FoxNews daytime rating have completely collapsed,” Trump tweeted Thursday. “Weekend daytime e...

‘Chill, Donald’: Greta Thunberg Turns Trump’s Condescending Tweet Against Him

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["Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg took a moment on Thursday to scold Donald Trump with the same patronizing words that the president had thrown at her in 2019. Her recommendation that Trump “chill,” “wor...