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Giuliani Asks If People Think He’s Stupid. Twitter Users Were Happy To Reply.

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["Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor who is now personal attorney to President Donald Trump, asked a simple question Wednesday. As he ranted in Philadelphia while threatening legal action to stop votes from bein...

Ad For Trump Event Containing Awkward Gaffes Gets A Twitter Roasting

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["Supporters of President Donald Trump faced ridicule Monday on Twitter after promoting a march to fight election results using a graphic containing two major blunders. The name of the state, Georgië, was spelled “Geo...

Twitter Removes Tweet By Trump Adviser Saying Masks Don’t Work

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["Twitter removed a tweet by White House coronavirus task force member Scott Atlas that said masks don’t work to stop the spread of COVID-19, the social media site confirmed Sunday. “Masks work? NO,"Atlas, a radiolog...

Twitter Users Have Some Mocking Title Ideas For Melania Trump’s Reported Memoir

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["First lady Melania Trump is reportedly in talks to write a memoir about her time in the White House. And Twitter users, just as they have done previously with President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and form...

Perhaps No One Told Trump How Vote Counting Works. Twitter Is Here To Help

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["Donald Trump seems strangely in the dark about the process of counting votes ... or at least he’s pretending to be. Trump has been lamenting that he had big leads in an array of states as the polls initially closed ...

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