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Twitter Users Have Some Mocking Title Ideas For Melania Trump’s Reported Memoir

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["First lady Melania Trump is reportedly in talks to write a memoir about her time in the White House. And Twitter users, just as they have done previously with President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and form...

Steve Kornacki se 'Sunday Night Football’ Debuut het verkiesing Twitter gaan wild

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["Die Steve Kornacki-oorgang na "Sunday Night Football" is hier, en verrassende verrassing, sy aanhangers is mal daaroor. Die NBC politieke korrespondent, wat vinnig roem gevind het met sy meesterlike dekking van die Nov. 3 presidensiële ...

Ivanka Tweets ‘AmazingPhoto Of Donald Trump At Mt. Rushmore. Twitter Loses It.

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["Ivanka Trump posted a photo of President Donald Trump at Mount Rushmore on Monday. Twitter thought she had rocks in her head. The outgoing leader’s daughter and adviser called the picture, which showed her father gr...

Twitter Thread Imagines ‘Gilmore Girls’ CharactersResponses To COVID-19

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["Life in 2020 is enough to make anyone say, “Enough with the poodles already.” But a comedy writer has offered “Gilmore Girls” fans something that’s as good a cheeseburger with a side of cheeseburger. Mike DiCenzo, w...

Twitter Billionaire Jack Dorsey Gives U.S. Mayors $15 Million To Fund Basic Income

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["The idea of giving Americans money, with no strings attached, has been given a boost by a $15 million grant from billionaire Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, which will fund basic income projects across America. The money ...

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