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트럼프 행정부는 새로운 COVID-19 제안에서 실업 혜택을 Lowballs

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["백악관의 최신 경기 부양 제안은 일회성으로 제공됩니다. $600 대부분의 미국인에게 지불금과 실업자들을 위한 석탄 한 덩어리. 스티브 므누신 재무장관이 제안한 새로운 제안 $3...

Mitch McConnell’s Incredible Shrinking Unemployment Benefits

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["Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (알키.) has seemingly abandoned his earlier proposal to add an extra $300 per week to state and federal unemployment payments, at least according to his latest coronavirus reli...

Millions Will Lose Unemployment Aid This December Unless Congress Acts Fast

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["Nearly 12 million workers on Dec. 26 will lose additional unemployment benefits on Dec. 26 if lawmakers fail to reach a reauthorization deal. At the outset of the coronavirus pandemic in March, Congress sprang into...