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Amazon Warehouse Workers File For Union Election In Alabama

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["Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama have filed a petition to hold a union election, setting the stage for a high-profile labor battle inside the online retail giant. Although Amazon’s logistics workers bargain coll...

European Union Files Antitrust Charges Against Amazon

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS European Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager speaks during a press conference regarding an antitrust case with Amazon at EU headquarters in Brussels, Tuesday, novembre. 10, 2020. European Union r...

Minneapolis Police Union Recruits Retired Cops As Trump ‘Poll Challengers

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["The Minneapolis police union is facing a warning after recruiting retired cops to work as “poll challengers” in a “problem” area of the city at the request of an attorney for President Donald Trump’s reelection camp...

New Hampshire Union Leader Breaks More Than 100 Years Of Tradition By Backing Biden

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["The New Hampshire Union Leader formally rebuked President Donald Trump once again by backing Joe Biden, its first Democratic presidential candidate in more than a century. The conservative-leaning publication issue...