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麦当娜揭开了她的“第一个”’ 向她致敬的纹身 6 孩子们

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["不断发展的风格图标, 麦当娜正在运动一些新鲜的墨水. 流行天后周一晚间在社交媒体上透露了她的“第一个”纹身. 在 Instagram 上发布的一系列照片中, 看到这位歌手来访.

McDonald’s Unveils Its Own Meatless Burger, The McPlant

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[]["Big Mac or McPlant, that will soon be the two options consumers in line at McDonald’s (MCD) will have for their latest high-calorie fast-food dinner.The Golden Arches said Monday it has developed a plant-based pat...

Joe Biden Unveils Powerful New Ad Featuring One Of America’s Most Iconic Voices

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["Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden debuted a rousing new ad during Game One of the World Series featuring the instantly recognizable voice of actor Sam Elliott. “Go From There” doesn’t mention President D...