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FBI dring aan op COVID-19-hertoetse vir diegene wat by die New Jersey-laboratorium getoets is

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["GEASSOSIEERDE PERS 'n Verpleegster gebruik 'n depper om 'n koronavirustoets in Salt Lake City uit te voer. Die FBI in New Jersey vra enigiemand wat 'n COVID-19-toets by 'n laboratorium langs die Jersey Shore ontvang het om so gou as moontlik hertoets te word..

Rachel Maddow Urges Americans To Do 1 Thing Regarding Trump As COVID-19 Surges

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["“Ignore the president,” Rachel Maddow implored Americans on her MSNBC show. “Ignore whatever is going on with that circus,” she urged during a segment Thursday analyzing how the coronavirus is again surging across t...

Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Urges Georgia Voters To Boycott Runoff Elections

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["Sidney Powell, a former lawyer for the Trump campaign, told Georgia residents this week to boycott the Senate runoffs on Jan. 5 because their state’s voting machines are archaic and cannot be trusted. Powell, who h...

Pope Francis Urges Solidarity In A COVID-19 World In Rare Op-Ed

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["Pope Francis called for solidarity in a world gripped by the coronavirus, praised health care workers and chastised governments and individuals who selfishly thought only of themselves during a global pandemic, writ...

Trump’s Thanksgiving Message Urges People To ‘Gather,’ Despite Raging Pandemic

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["President Donald Trump urged Americans to “gather” for Thanksgiving — even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the U.S., with hospitalizations rising and the daily death toll often surpassing 2,000. “I e...

John Bolton Urges Republicans To Publicly Reject Trump’s ‘BaselessVoter Fraud Claims

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["Former national security adviser John Bolton on Sunday called on Republican leaders to publicly reject President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud and acknowledge President-elect Joe Bi...

Lawrence O’Donnell Decodes Trump’s Silence, Urges: ‘Take It For The Gift That It Is’

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["President Donald Trump still refuses to acknowledge defeat in the 2020 verkiesing. But on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” host Lawrence O’Donnell suggested the president may already have done so — vi...

GOP jy. Lindsey Graham Pushes Voter Fraud Claims, Urges Trump Not To Concede

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["Sy. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday fueled unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about voter fraud and urged President Donald Trump not to concede the election, despite virtually all major media networks projecting...

Biden Campaign Urges Supporters To Follow COVID-19 Guidelines While Celebrating

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["President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign is urging its supporters to practice social distancing and wear masks while celebrating his election victory after crowds flooded the streets of some cities a day earlier to reve...

Joe Biden Urges Supporters To ‘Keep The Faith’ Amid Slow Election Results

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["Democratic challenger Joe Biden urged his supporters to “keep the faith” amid slow results from a slate of battleground states in the presidential election, saying he believed he was on track to defeat President Don...

CDC Urges Travelers To Wear Masks In Latest COVID-19 Guidance

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["The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its coronavirus travel guidance on Monday to include a recommendation that passengers and employees on mass transit wear masks to help prevent the spread of the...