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Trump Campaign Takes Biden’s Pope Francis Quote Out Of Context In Deceptive Video

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["The Trump campaign took a speech in which Joe Biden quoted Pope Francis on Tuesday and deceptively edited the footage to make it seem as if the Democratic nominee was mentally unfit to be president. Biden had given...

Dwayne ‘The RockJohnson Tastes His Own Blood After Gym Accident In Intense Video

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["You didn’t think a little blood was gonna stop Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from working out, did you? 周一, the action star posted an intense video on Instagram in which he shows off an eye injury he got while ex...

费城警方承诺释放小沃尔特·华莱士. 拍摄影片

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["费城警方周三承诺释放在警方射击小沃尔特·华莱士之死中捕获的尸体镜头. 在十月. 26, 并指定参与枪击的人员. 华莱士的家人说...

Ariana Grande Hailed As ‘Our PresidentIn White House Video For New Single ‘Positions

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["Ariana Grande runs the White House in the music video for her new single, “Positions.” The pop star signs executive orders, walks her dogs on the White House lawn, meets with her majority-female cabinet and is prote...

New Borat Video Mocks Rudy Giuliani With A ‘DefenseThat’s Definitely Not Gonna Help

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["Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor-turned-hatchet man for President Donald Trump, has an unlikely defender after the inauspicious debut of this week’s bizarre hotel room footage. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen releas...

唐·钱德尔 (Don Cheadle) 称莱蒂西亚·赖特 (Letitia Wright) 为“热垃圾”’ 反疫苗视频

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["“黑豹”明星莱蒂娅·赖特周四回应了强烈反对,此前她发布了一段自称为“先知”的反疫苗接种视频,并用祈祷之手表情符号介绍了视频. 她删除了推文Fr...

Mark Hamill Shows Why Trump’s The ‘Worst President Ever’ In New Biden Video

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["When screen icon Mark Hamill tried to fact-check a series of clips featuring President Donald Trump, he realized he might need The Force to make it through the experience. “I don’t know about you, but after four yea...

Lady Gaga Serves Up ‘Ballot Drop Off RealnessIn The Ultimate Voting Video

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["Scott Roth/Invision/AP Lady Gaga wants YOU to vote. Leave it to Lady Gaga to make a fashion statement even when she’s casting her ballot. The “911” singer, who’s used her massive platform in recent weeks to encour...

Sarah Cooper Mocks Donald Trump Jr. In New Viral Impression Video

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["Sarah Cooper has turned her biting impressions on another member of the Trump family. The comedian’s Monday lip-syncing of Donald Trump Jr. alleging censorship on Instagram has gone as viral as her previous clips mi...

Drake Drops Release Date And Teaser Video For Much Anticipated New Album

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["Drake fans, get ready — the new year will kick off with new music from the “Scorpion” rapper. 周六, Drake released a teaser video on Instagram and Twitter in anticipation for his next album titled, “Certifie...


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["已故亚历克斯·特雷贝克 (Alex Trebek) 的视频消息在“危险!“ 本星期, 敦促观众在他死于胰腺癌几天后接受胰腺癌检测. 特雷贝克, 80, 死于第四期胰腺 ...

Michael C. Hall Goes Full-On Indie Rock God In New Music Video

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["Bonnie Biess via Getty Images From left: Matt Katz-Bohen, Michael C. Hall and Peter Yanowitz of Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. As he prepares to reprise his role in the hotly anticipated “Dexter” reboot, M...


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["三位黑人跨性别女性在“但是……. 我活了下来,”一个旨在纪念跨性别暴力受害者的音乐视频项目. 设置为 Sia 的“Alive,” “可是…….

泰勒·斯威夫特 (Taylor Swift) 的粉丝们可能会在“爱情故事”中向踏板车布劳恩 (Scooter Braun) 致敬’ 视频

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["泰勒斯威夫特自己说的: “没有什么比复仇更好的了。”她的粉丝似乎同意. 这位“开衫”歌手似乎在一个以他为特色的广告中对唱片执行官 Scooter Braun 进行了野蛮烧伤。.

王牌, ‘Fox & FriendsSlam Lady Gaga For Pro-Biden Video, Being ‘Anti-Fracking Activist

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["“Fox & Friends” went after Lady Gaga Monday for being a vocal supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden shortly after President Donald Trump tweeted about her alleged stance against fracking. Co-hosts...

凯莉·麦肯尼 (Kayleigh McEnany) 最新的特朗普谎言在令人毛骨悚然的病毒视频中被彻底揭穿

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["白宫新闻秘书 Kayleigh McEnany 在周五的简报会上声称,唐纳德特朗普总统“从未得到过有序的权力移交”。一段在 Twitter 上疯传的视频证明并非如此. The NowThi...

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