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Melania Trump haat regtig Kersfees in 'Kimmel’ Spoof Van Wit Huis Vakansie Video

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["Melania Trump is gelukkig dat sy net een Kersfees by die Withuis oor het, want dit lyk nie of haar uitgelekte opmerkings oor haar vakansietake binnekort vergeet sal word nie. Die presidentsvrou het probeer sko....

Osprey Reveals Its Hefty Catch In ‘Astonishing’ Video

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["This osprey could put the strongest human anglers to shame. In video posted Monday (watch it below), the bird was filmed splashing down at Florida’s Sebastian Inlet State Park and emerging with a large fish, For the...

Taylor Swift Fans Find Potentially Savage Nod To Scooter Braun In ‘Love Story’ Video

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["Taylor Swift said it herself: “There is nothing I do better than revenge.” Her fans seem to agree. The “Cardigan” singer appears to have included a savage burn on record executive Scooter Braun in an ad featuring he...

Letitia Wright Called Out By Don Cheadle For ‘Hot GarbageAnti-Vaccination Video

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["“Black Panther” star Letitia Wright responded Thursday to major backlash after posting an anti-vaccination video from a self-described “prophet” and introducing it with a prayer-hands emoji. She deleted the tweet Fr...

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