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Michael C. Hall Goes Full-On Indie Rock God In New Music Video

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["Bonnie Biess via Getty Images From left: Matt Katz-Bohen, Michael C. Hall and Peter Yanowitz of Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. As he prepares to reprise his role in the hotly anticipated “Dexter” reboot, M...

Sarah Cooper Mocks Donald Trump Jr. In New Viral Impression Video

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["Sarah Cooper has turned her biting impressions on another member of the Trump family. The comedian’s Monday lip-syncing of Donald Trump Jr. alleging censorship on Instagram has gone as viral as her previous clips mi...


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["已故亚历克斯·特雷贝克 (Alex Trebek) 的视频消息在“危险!“ 本星期, 敦促观众在他死于胰腺癌几天后接受胰腺癌检测. 特雷贝克, 80, 死于第四期胰腺 ...

Ariana Grande Hailed As ‘Our PresidentIn White House Video For New Single ‘Positions

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["Ariana Grande runs the White House in the music video for her new single, “Positions.” The pop star signs executive orders, walks her dogs on the White House lawn, meets with her majority-female cabinet and is prote...

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