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Georgia Elections Official Pleads With Trump To Stop Inspiring Violence

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["Georgia’s voting systems manager Gabriel Sterling fervently denounced the threats and harassment directed at election workers, imploring President Donald Trump to stop provoking such behavior and to condemn it inste...

Mary Trump Lashes ‘VilePresident For Encouraging MAGA Truck Violence

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["Psychologist Mary Trump on Sunday attacked her uncle, President Donald Trump, as “vile” for encouraging violence by Trump-supporting truckers on the road. Scores of trucks bristling with Make America Great Again sig...

New Bill Seeks To Reduce Police Violence Against People With Mental Illness

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["Four years ago, the neighbors of 66-year-old Deborah Danner, a Black woman with schizophrenia, called the police to report that she had been behaving erratically. Minutes after arriving at her New York City apartmen...