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Cardi B Goes Viral For Her Election Night Stress Reducer

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["Cardi B wasn’t rapping during election night on Tuesday. She was smoking. The “WAP” hip-hop star posted an Instagram video of her puffing on three cigarettes at once. The video quickly racked up more than 10 million...

디즈니, 바이럴에 '만달로리안' 제공’ 청바지 구프 부츠(자르다)

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["'만달로리안'의 캐주얼 프라이데이가 취소된 것 같습니다. Disney+ 쇼는 “Chapter 12: 더 시즈," 11월 발매. 20 ― 하지만 그것이 은하계 전체에 퍼지기 전에는. NS...

Kayleigh McEnany’s Latest Trump Lie Is Firmly Debunked In Stinging Viral Video

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["White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed during a briefing Friday that President Donald Trump “was never given an orderly transition of power.” A video going viral on Twitter proves otherwise. The NowThi...