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Winking Vladimir Putin Gets ‘I VotedSticker In Election Day Street Art

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["Street artist Pegasus took a cheeky swipe at Russian interference in U.S. elections with his Election Day piece in London. Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a thumbs-up and winks — with an “I Voted” sticker on ...

More People Have Now Voted Early In Texas Than In All Of 2016

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["AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texans have already cast more ballots in the presidential election than they did during all of 2016, an unprecedented surge of early voting in a state that was once the country’s most reliably R...

More People Have Already Voted Early Than In 2016 With Days To Go Before Election

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["More Americans have already voted early in this year’s election than the total tally of early and absentee ballots in 2016, The Associated Press reported Sunday, nine days away from the election. A total of 58.6 mil...