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Arizona Voters Approve Tax On Wealthy To Fund Public Schools

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["Arizonans voted to boost taxes on high earners in order to steer more money to public schools, marking a major win for the Red for Ed movement that began with a wave of teacher strikes in several states two years ag...

Brian Stelter는 트럼프 유권자가 '느낌이 없다'고 선언한 라라 트럼프를 비난합니다.’ 그가 잃어버린 것

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["CNN 진행자 브라이언 스텔터(Brian Stelter)는 일요일 라라 트럼프가 자신의 시아버지에게 투표한 사람들이 자신의 시아버지에게 투표했다고 불평한 데 대해 비난했다., 도널드 트럼프 대통령, 대통령 선거 결과가 정확하다고 "느끼지" 마십시오.. "느끼다?...

우리를. Voters Worried About Violence And Their Safety At The Polls

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["워싱턴 (AP) — Gary Kauffman says he does not scare easily. So when men waving President Donald Trump flags drive by his house in downtown Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, he stands on his front steps and waves a banner...

Colorado Voters Pass Paid Family Leave

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["Colorado voters approved a ballot measure Tuesday that will establish paid family leave in the state, according to projections from The Associated Press. The measure made Colorado the ninth state to offer time off f...

How Joe Biden And Young Voters Learned To Love Each Other — At Least For Now

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["JIM WATSON via Getty Images When former Vice President Joe Biden locked down the Democratic presidential nomination with a string of primary wins in early March, he did it over the strong objections of the party’s y...

Florida Voters Approve $15 Minimum Wage

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["A Florida ballot initiative that will gradually raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour is projected to pass, according to The Associated Press. The proposal, known as Amendment 2, needed at least 60% approv...

Why Trump Voters Used The Economy As An Excuse To Vote For Him

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["Donald Trump will leave office with the economy considerably worse off compared to where it was when he was elected four years ago. The unemployment rate hit 6.9% in October, down from record double-digits in April,...

Poll: Voters Find This Election Cycle Stressful And Weird

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["mphillips007 via Getty Images Three-quarters of voters trying to keep up with political news say they find it at least somewhat stressful to do so, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds. Only 30% of voters trying to stay...

Obama Says ‘Defund The Police’ Alienates Voters, Drawing Sharp Rebuke From The Left

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["Former President Barack Obama drew criticism from progressive Democrats this week for suggesting that “snappy” slogans like “defund the police” are alienating voters and making it harder from a political standpoint ...

Motivated Muslim Voters Could Prove Consequential In Key Swing States

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["삽화: 레베카 치서/허프포스트; 사진: Getty The year’s election could be the one where Muslim American voters really make the difference. Two polls conducted over the summer by the U.S. Immigration Policy C...

Georgia Voters Could Decide If There’s Any Hope For Raising The Federal Minimum Wage

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["The federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 an hour for more than 11 years. Whether or not it rises anytime soon largely depends on Georgia, where two runoff elections in January will determine which party cont...

일부 공화당 유권자의 놀라운 자유주의

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["지난주 선거는 많은 놀라움을 선사했습니다. 여기 머리 긁는 사람이 있습니다.: 동시에 플로리다 유권자들은 대선에서 도널드 트럼프 대통령을 약 3% 포인트 차이로 지지했습니다., 압도적이다...

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