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California Certifies Its Electoral Votes, Officially Securing Biden’s Victory

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["California certified its presidential election Friday and appointed 55 electors pledged to vote for Democrat Joe Biden, officially handing him the Electoral College majority needed to win the White House. Secretary ...

Michigan Canvassers Try To Rescind Votes Certifying Biden Win After Trump Calls Them

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["Two Republican canvassers in Michigan’s largest county are attempting to rescind their votes certifying that Joe Biden won there after President Donald Trump personally called them, The Associated Press reported. Mo...

Biden ha vinto 306 Voti elettorali. Trump l'ha definita una "frana"’ 4 Anni fa.

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["Molte testate giornalistiche hanno ora dichiarato Joe Biden il vincitore di 306 voti elettorali nelle elezioni presidenziali, una cifra che il presidente Donald Trump ha spesso definito "una frana" dopo aver vinto la stessa cifra in 2...

James Corden Zings Nevada For Taking So Long To Count Votes

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["Nevada election official Joe Gloria said “mail-in ballots on this scale are new” to the state ― and it’s showing. Nevada, with a relatively small population, still has tens of thousands of ballots to count, accordin...

2020 Presidential Election Is A Nail-biter As Key States Still Counting Votes

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["Il 2020 presidential election was not decided on Election Day. This was a predictable result after the coronavirus pandemic radically changed the way Americans voted and elected officials in key states refused to u...

Mark Hamill, Lincoln Project Join Forces To Battle Trump’s War On Absentee Votes

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["“Star Wars” star Mark Hamill joined forces with anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project for a new ad that targets President Donald Trump for attempting to restrict the counting of absentee ballots. The spot,...