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Fox News’ Chris Wallace Schools Health Boss Azar On Joe Biden’s Correct Title

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["“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace pointedly corrected Secretary Alex Azar — three times — on Joe Biden’s correct title. It’s “president-elect, sir,” Wallace told the health and human services secretary when Azar ...

Chris Wallace onthul 'Trap Door'-gedachte wat hy gehad het tydens die rumoerige Trump-Biden-debat

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["Fox News se Chris Wallace het sy spotprentagtige gedagte onthul nadat hy deur sy regisseur aangemoedig is, terwyl hy die eerste presidensiële debat gemodereer het, om te keer dat president Donald Trump die destydse Demokratiese benoeming onderbreek ....

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Condemns Trump For ‘InflammatoryFalse Victory Statement

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["Fox News broadcaster Chris Wallace took aim at Donald Trump’s premature statements of victory on Wednesday, stating that the president was making unjustified and potentially dangerous remarks. “This is an extremely...

Amid More Protests Over Son’s Police Death, Walter Wallace Sr. Says Violence ‘Not Helping

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["Walter Wallace Sr., whose 27-year-old son was shot dead on Monday by Philadelphia police, chastised people perpetuating violence in the city in the aftermath of his child’s death and called for an end to the “chaos....

Nicolle Wallace Slams Conservative Columnist’s ‘BitchyTake On Kamala Harris

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["MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace isn’t having any of conservative columnist Peggy Noonan’s sexist criticism of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. In a controversial article published over the weekend, Die ...

It’s Up To The Press To Prove Our Biden Smear, GOP Chair Tells Chris Wallace

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["In a faceoff with Chris Wallace Sunday, the head of the Republican National Committee made clear on Fox News that she has no proof of the ongoing smear campaign against Joe and Hunter Biden, saying it was up to the ...