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福奇警告圣诞节可能会带来比感恩节更多的 COVID-19 病例

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["博士. Anthony Fauci has warned that Christmas and Hanukkah may bring more COVID-19 cases than the surge anticipated from Thanksgiving due to the number of days people are likely to spend celebrating with family and fr...

Birx 警告说疫苗不会“让我们免于当前的激增”’ COVID-19 病例数

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["使用 COVID-19 疫苗可能就在美国几天之后。, 由于疫情激增,加利福尼亚州的大部分地区周日再次进入封锁状态,高级卫生官员警告美国人,现在不是放松的时候。.

玛丽特朗普警告她的叔叔将投入“相当大的能量”’ 进入后总统

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["玛丽特朗普不认为她的叔叔, 唐纳德·特朗普, 将再次竞选总统——尽管他本周戏弄 2024 活动. 但是作者和临床心理学家——他发布了一本通俗易懂的回忆录“Too Muc...

保守新闻网站警告唐纳德特朗普: '承认并继续前进’

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["华盛顿审查员敦促唐纳德特朗普总统“继续前进”并接受失败 2020 周五发表的社论中的选举. 保守派新闻媒体警告说, 除此以外, 特朗普的持续尝试....

Fauci Warns Trump’s Stalled Handoff To Biden Could Delay Vaccine Rollout

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["博士. 安东尼·福奇, 白宫冠状病毒特别工作组的顶级传染病专家, suggested Monday that President Donald Trump’s delayed handoff to President-elect Joe Biden could slow the coronaviru...

Michael J. Fox Warns About Going ‘Back To The FutureOf 2020 In Lil Nas X Video

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["Great Scott, Lil Nas X! The year 2020 is heavy. In a trailer for a new music video, “Holiday,” Lil Nas X apparently goes into the past and becomes the new Santa Claus. But if you’re thinking this is like the “Santa ...

President Will Start ‘Breaking ThingsWith A Vengeance,’ Mary Trump Warns

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["唐纳德特朗普总统, infuriated by an election loss he’s refusing to acknowledge, will have “meltdowns upon meltdowns” until he leaves the White House, his niece Mary Trump warned in an op-ed in The Guardian Sund...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Warns What To Look Out For From Trump Sycophants Now

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["代表. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Friday warned what to expect from Donald Trump’s most ardent acolytes ― suggesting that even some of the president’s staunchest supporters may now try to pivot away from him...

Trump Could ‘Put A Bullet Into The CountryIf He Loses, Warns Columnist Tom Friedman

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["President Donald Trump could savage America in vengeful in fury if he’s defeated at the polls, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman warned Monday. “If the president does lose, does contest the vote, does create ...

Voting For Kanye West Is ‘Not Funny,’ Warns Jennifer Aniston

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["Jennifer Aniston attacked President Donald Trump Saturday as she cast her ballot early and issued a warning about voting for Kanye West: Don’t do it. “It’s not funny to vote for Kanye,” the “Morning Show” actor and ...

Mitch McConnell Warns White House Not To Accept Stimulus Deal Before Election

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["WASHINGTON ― With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-加利福尼亚州) once again extending a self-imposed deadline for a stimulus bill on Tuesday, an already doubtful deal is now running into a new roadblock: Senate Majority Lead...

Trump Is ‘Helping To Crowdsource Domestic Terrorism,’ Warns Former DHS Official

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["Miles Taylor, the chief of staff of the Department of Homeland Security until 2019, has accused President Donald Trump of “helping to crowdsource domestic terrorism” with his refusal to denounce the conspiracy theor...