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Washington Post Editorial Board Rips Trump Over ‘One Of The Most Dangerous’ Rants Yet

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["The editorial board of The Washington Post on Monday delivered yet another blistering critique of Donald Trump, describing the president’s most recent rant on Fox News as “one of the most dangerous of his presidency...

Washington Post Editorial Board Tears Into Donald Trump: ‘A Total Disgrace

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["The Washington Post editorial board slammed President Donald Trump for “leaving the White House just as he entered it: a total disgrace.” The newspaper’s board tore into Trump in its latest column published Wednesda...

Washington Post Editorial Board Hits Undecided Voters With A Stark Choice

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["The Washington Post editorial board spelled out in its latest column exactly what’s on the line in the 2020 verkiesing. In a message to undecided voters, the newspaper’s board warned that a vote for a second term of P...