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Kyk na Plane's Miraculous Emergency Landing On Minnesota Highway

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["Die departement van vervoer in Minnesota het 'n verstommende video bekend gemaak van 'n eenmotorige vliegtuig noodlanding op 'n snelweg buite die Twin Cities. Niemand is beseer nie, aangesien die Bellanca Viking-vliegtuig netjies was..

Kimmel Cut All Lies From Trump’s 46-Minute Rant And Now It’s A Super Quick Watch

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["President Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory-filled rant about the 2020 election on Facebook this week was stripped of all its lies on Thursday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” And now it’s a super quick watch. Host ...

Watch First Responders Rescue Frightened Dog Stranded On A Chunk Of Ice

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["A dog in North Dakota barely escaped what could have been a tragic fate. Lola, a chocolate Labrador retriever, was rescued from the icy Sheyenne River near Fargo around 9 a.m. Wednesday, Fargo’s KVRR-TV reported. A ...

Kyk hoe David Chang die eerste bekende persoon word wat 'Wie wil 'n miljoenêr wees nie’

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["Jy kan dit onpresident noem. Soos gasheer Jimmy Kimmel Sondagaand gesê het, geen bekende persoon in twee dekades van "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" het ooit die $1 miljoen prys vir liefdadigheid. Dit is nou verander, te danke aan...

The Best Black Friday TV Deals Of 2020 To Watch

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[]["HuffPost kan 'n deel ontvang van aankope wat gemaak word via skakels op hierdie bladsy. Prices and availability subject to change.Dennis Fischer Photography via Getty ImagesWe’ve found Black Friday TV deals to upgrade your home ...

Watch How Your Thanksgiving Food Is Grown, And Humanize The Farm Workers Behind It

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["America’s largest union of farmworkers has spent the days leading up to Thanksgiving showing just how much effort goes into food production before millions of families prepare to tuck into green bean casseroles, swe...

Watch Laura Ingraham Finally Tell Fox News Viewers That Biden Beat Trump

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["Fox News host Laura Ingraham warned her viewers on Monday night that it’s just about over for President Donald Trump ― and that they should be ready for President-elect Joe Biden. “Unless the legal situation changes...

Golfer’s Astounding Hole-In-One Goes Viral: ‘What Did I Just Watch?’

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["All you have to do is skip the golf ball across a pond, onto a green, and then have it roll directly into the hole. Easy, right? It looked that way for Jon Rahm, who’s No. 2 in the Official World Golf Ranking and co...

Watch Fox News Host’s Look Of Utter Disdain Over Voter Fraud Claim On Hot Mic

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["Apparently unaware that she was still live on air, Fox News host Sandra Smith on Monday flashed an incredible look of disdain and expressed astonishment over a Republican lawyer’s suggestion of election fraud on Mon...

Every White Man In Corporate America Should Watch What Jake Tapper Just Did

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[]["ASSOCIATED PRESSCNN anchor Jake Tapper gave public thanks to his colleague Arlette Saenz, modeling how more male allies can do it at work.On Saturday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper took a short pause from live election n...

Watch People Swim Through School Of Salmon Patrolled By Sharks

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["Sharks cruising under some swimmers didn’t deter the humans from paddling through a large school of salmon as the predators lurked about at Australia’s Bondi Beach. Viral drone video shows two gray nurse sharks eyei...

Watch The New York Jets Break Their General Manager In Another Ugly Loss

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["The New York Jets’ winless season is destroying the tone at the top. Watch general manager Joe Douglas face-palm and close his eyes amid another hapless loss, this time to the Miami Dolphins. Even Joe Douglas can’t ...