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La gente pensa che lo strano tweet di Jim Jordan su Fauci e il Natale sia una parodia. Non è.

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["rappresentante. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) ha attaccato Anthony Fauci, il massimo esperto di malattie infettive della nazione, su Twitter venerdì con un post che molti critici hanno suggerito beffardamente potrebbe essere una parodia. Jordan si è agganciato all'avvertimento di Fauci...

James Corden Says Trump’s Weird Retweet Cat-Astrophe Hits ‘New Low

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["Meow might be time for the president to throw in the towel. “The Late Late Show” host James Corden is known to enjoy Donald Trump’s bizarre retweets, and it seems the president has really stepped in it this time wit...

50 Weird Christmas Gifts Almost As Bizarre As The Year 2020

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["It’s safe to say that this year’s Christmas is going to be the weirdest one in memory. Pandemics have a way of doing that. Yep, 2020 has been a strange year, one full of twists and turns. It’s a year so bizarre that...

Chris Hayes Reveals Donald Trump’s ‘Weird Kind Of Superpower’

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["MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Wednesday delivered a searing assessment of Donald Trump’s post-election behavior, suggesting the outgoing president has a “weird kind of superpower” that allows him to cause destruction witho...

Stephen Colbert Spots ‘Weird’ Moment That Shows Donald Trump Doesn’t Trust Inner Circle

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["Stephen Colbert on Thursday pointed to the Donald Trump campaign rally moment he thinks proves the president doesn’t actually trust his inner circle. After the author of an anonymous 2018 op-ed in The New York Times...