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BBC Probes Whether Princess Diana Was Tricked Into Bombshell Interview

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["The BBC announced Monday that it’s launching a “robust” probe into accusations that lies and forged documents were used to trick Princess Diana into her groundbreaking 1995 interview with journalist Martin Bashir. D...

How The Pandemic Can Hurt Your Feet, Whether You Wear Shoes Or Go Barefoot

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[]["Image Source via Getty ImagesPodiatrist Bobby Pourziaee has seen his fair share of shoe-related injuries. The self-proclaimed “High Heel Doc,” who has a practice in Beverly Hills, California, said his clients ofte...

Kamala Harris: It’s Up To DOJ, Not Biden, Whether Trump Gets Indicted

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["Although President Donald Trump could face legal trouble once he’s out of office, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris insists any indictments won’t be at the order of Joe Biden, should he become presi...