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Prince William Contracted COVID-19 In April: Verslae

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["Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, contracted COVID-19 in April, Kensington Palace sources told the BBC. It’s believed that he got sick with the virus at a similar time to his father, Prince Charles, who tested ...

People Love This Sweet Video Of Prince William Helping Princess Diana With Her Makeup

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["As “The Crown” continues to stir up a renewed interest in the British royal family, a recently resurfaced clip of a young Prince William and the late Princess Diana is making the royal rounds. The behind-the-scenes ...

Prince William Slammed For Coronavirus Cover-Up That May ‘HauntHim

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["Prince William is facing backlash after reports emerged Sunday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus in April and kept his diagnosis secret. The Sun, which first reported the news, said that the Duke of C...

William Barr Kept Silent For Weeks As Trump’s Voter Fraud Conspiracy Theories Spread

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["Attorney General William Barr, who has served as President Donald Trump’s right-hand man and protector, waited nearly an entire month after the 2020 presidential election to publicly state the obvious: Trump doesn’t...

William Shakespeare is die tweede persoon om entstof te ontvang terwyl die Verenigde Koninkryk met skote begin

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["'n Historiese geleentheid soos die bekendstelling van 'n koronavirus-entstof vereis 'n historiese naam, reg? Tik ene William Shakespeare in, 'n 81-jarige Brit wat Dinsdag die tweede persoon in die wêreld geword het om te her....

Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Royal Train Tour Criticized Amid Pandemic

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["LONDEN (AP) — A national train tour by Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton has received a frosty welcome from leaders in Wales and Scotland, with one Welsh official saying he would rather “no one was having u...