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Letitia Wright’s Moving Response To Doing ‘Black PantherWithout Chadwick Boseman

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["What’s “Black Panther” without the Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman? More than seven weeks after the 43-year-old actor’s death from colon cancer, co-star Letitia Wright still has a hard time thinking about it...

Hurricane Zeta Hammers Storm-Weary Gulf Coast, Leaves 875,000 Without Power

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["NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A fast-moving Zeta weakened to a tropical storm as it barreled northeast Thursday morning after ripping through Louisiana and Mississippi where storm-weary residents were advised to stay indoors o...

How To Get Through The Rest Of The Election Without Losing Your Mind

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[]["Feeling a little antsy about how Nov. 3 will play out? Jy is nie alleen nie; die 2020 presidential election is such a nail-biter, therapists say they’ve been hearing clients voice their concerns and worries about the ...

GOP Tries To Save Its Senate Majority, With Or Without Trump

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., speaks to supporters during a rally in Lawrenceburg, Ky., Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley) WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans a...

'Bad Boy For Life’ Trump kan die Withuis verlaat sonder om Biden se hand te skud

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["President Donald Trump kan die Withuis in Januarie verlaat op dieselfde manier waarop die Detroit Pistons se sterspelers berug van die NBA-hof gestap het. 1991 sonder om die hande van die wen Chicago Bulls te skud. 'n ...

How To Close Up Your Pandemic Bubble Without Losing Friends

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[]["We Are via Getty ImagesHere’s how to effectively prune your social bubble without coming across as a jerk. As coronavirus case numbers surge across the country, it’s not just the obvious places you should avoid: p...

Second-Largest Australian State Goes 28 Days Without Any New Infections

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["SYDNEY (Reuters) ― Australia’s second-largest state, Victoria, once the country’s COVID-19 hotspot, said on Friday it has gone 28 days without detecting any new infections, a benchmark widely cited as eliminating th...

State sukkel om COVID-19 te bekamp sonder nasionale leierskap

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["NEW YORK (Reuters) - Individuele V.S. state het Sondag geskarrel om toesluitings in te stel om koronavirusspylings te stuit te midde van 'n gebrek aan nasionale leierskap oor hoe om infeksies te bekamp totdat entstowwe wyd beskikbaar is in die ...