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United Way Accused Of Retaliation Against Women Employees

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["Top photo by Peyton Fulford for HuffPost Three former female executives at United Way Worldwide, one of the largest nonprofits in the country, say that they were retaliated against by the organization after speaking...

The Historic Number Of GOP Women Elected To Congress Has Left Some Feminists Torn

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["JASON CONNOLLY via Getty Images Lauren Boebert, who recently won Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, rose to prominence after defying COVID-19 shutdowns. Feminists have been working for decades to get more women...

Roughly 9 Out Of 10 Black Women Voted For Democrats This Election

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["Women played a critical role in President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris winning the White House, but one group in particular stands out. Approximately nine in 10 Black women who voted cast b...

Polish Women Protest At Catholic Churches Over Country’s Near-Total Abortion Ban

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["WARSAW (Reuters) - Thousands of activists disrupted church services across Poland on Sunday, chanting during mass and spraying slogans on walls to protest against a court ruling that amounts to a near-total ban on a...

I’m 1 Of The 865,000 Women Pushed Out Of The Workforce Due To COVID-19 Last Month

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["Photo Courtesy Of Katharine Morales Enjoying a pre-COVID beach day with my daughter at the Rockaways. In September, 865,000 American women quit working permanently or indefinitely, compared to just 216,000 men. Die ...

During Trump’s Presidency, Movies And TV About Ambitious Women Hit Very Differently

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["ILLUSTRATION: ISABELLA CARAPELLA/HUFFPOST; PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES There’s a scene from the movie “Broadcast News” that plays endlessly in my mind. Brilliant network news producer Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) knows her bes...

2 Women Detained For Speaking Spanish In Montana Settle Border Patrol Lawsuit

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["HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Two women who were detained in northern Montana by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents for speaking Spanish while shopping at a convenience store have reached an undisclosed monetary settl...