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‘Hi, Beautiful Boy’: Jason Momoa FaceTimes Young ‘AquamanFan With Cancer

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["Seven-year-old Boston resident Danny Sheehan let the world know how much he loved Aquaman in a viral video that eventually reached the actor who plays the king of the seas himself — Jason Momoa. Danny was diagnosed ...

Joe Biden Aims Closing Pitch At One Of His Few Vulnerabilities: Young Black Men

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["For much of the 2020 election cycle, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has focused intently on cementing gains among white women, a voting bloc that helped deliver Democrats massive victories in midterm elec...

Justin Bieber Bares Pain Of Young Fame In Powerful New Song ‘LonelyOn ‘SNL

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["It can be scary and soul-killing to be famous, especially when you’re a kid. That’s what Justin Bieber has been trying to tell fans, and that’s what he sang on “Saturday Night Live” in his heart-wrenching new song “...