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What To Say To People Who Say You’re Being ‘Too SafeAmid COVID-19

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[]["Westend61 via Getty ImagesNot everyone is on the same page when it comes to taking pandemic precautions. It’s no secret people have different approaches to health and safety as we live through the COVID-19 pandemi...

Netflix Thinks You’re Smart Enough To Know ‘The CrownIs Fiction

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["Netflix’s “The Crown” has spilled the royal tea for three seasons without anyone calling for the critically acclaimed drama series to separate fact from fiction. But the show’s fourth season has inched closer to mo...

6 Subtle Signs You’re Dealing With Seasonal Depression

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[]["When daylight saving time ends on the first Sunday in November, we let out a collective groan. But for people who struggle with seasonal depression, the shorter days aren’t just a bummer. This time of year typical...

5 Signs You’re Experiencing Toxic Positivity At Work

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[]["airdone via Getty ImagesThere's a big difference between offering positive encouragement to your co-worker and forcing positivity.“Everything will be fine.” “At least you have a job right now.” “Everything happens...