Texas’ Harris County Will Close 9 Of 10 Drive-Thru Polling Sites On Election Day

“(路透社) ― Harris County in Texas will close nine of its 10 drive-through voting sites on Election Day to ensure votes are counted, Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins said on Twitter on Monday. Hollins said the decision was made because a judge said the tents used for most of the drive-through voting sites would not qualify as “buildings,” which are required for Election Day polling places. “I cannot in good faith encourage voters to cast their votes in tents if that puts their votes at risk,” Hollins said. Today was a huge win for democracy. 127,000 drive-thru votes cast in Harris County will be counted! Since the hearing this afternoon, I have consulted with my legal team and multiple election law experts who have reiterated the legality of drive-thru voting. 1/— Chris Hollins (@CGHollins) 十一月 3, 2020 In order to allow for drive-thru voting on Election Day while ensuring that all votes will be counted, the only drive-thru voting center on Election Day will be at Toyota Center. 4/— Chris Hollins (@CGHollins) 十一月 3, 2020 The Toyota Center DTV site fits the Judge’s definition of a \building\”: it is \a structure with walls and a roof\and \a permanent structure.\It is thus unquestionably a suitable location for Election Day voting. 5/— Chris Hollins (@CGHollins) 十一月 3, 2020