The RNC Promoted A Voter Fraud Hotline On Twitter And It Totally Backfired

The Republican National Committee on Wednesday promoted a voter fraud hotline on Twitter. But it was soon swamped with replies from people claiming to have reported President Donald Trump for election misconduct. LIKE and RT to spread the word! Report voter fraud here👇 🖥️: 📞: 1-888-630-1776— GOP (@GOP) 십일월 5, 2020 Trump has repeatedly attacked the democratic process and falsely declared premature victory over Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 선거, even with four states yet to be called and votes still left to count. The president has also baselessly accused Democrats of “trying to steal” the White House. “I reported a mad man on Twitter that is demanding we stop counting the votes, and is threatening lawsuits if we don’t,” one person replied to the RNC. Added another: “The call is coming from inside the house.” Yes, I’d like to report Donald Trump for demanding that poll workers stop counting ballots because he knows he will lose and instead of accepting that, he makes baseless and dangerous allegations.— Snuffa Luffa Gus (@SnuffaLuffa_) 십일월 5, 2020 I reported a mad man on Twitter that is demanding we stop counting the votes, and is threatening lawsuits if we don’t.— Jacob L (@DVJakeL) 십일월 5, 2020 I just reported TRUMP— Facts delivery (@_kapts) 십일월 5, 2020 Check under @realDonaldTrump’s bed!— Mayra Rodriguez (@rodz_1959) 십일월 5, 2020 The call is coming from inside the house.— Łîšå Łāńė (@farleftlane) 십일월 6, 2020 Call 1800-divorced-from-reality— Countess of Ash (@CountessofAsh) 십일월 5, 2020 @realDonaldTrump voter intimidation— JOE 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@JoePpagan) 십일월 5, 2020 Kk just reported you guys. Thanks.— Kara Machowski (@Karamachowski) 십일월 5, 2020 They should check 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.— John Collins 🌊 (@KazePlays_JC) 십일월 5, 2020 Also call them to report fairies and unicorns— Joe Biden’s inside voice-i say what he cant-parody (@POTUSBiden46) 십일월 5, 2020 I’m just saying. I think a LOT of us saw the current occupant of the WH attempt election fraud today.I’m sure the GOP would like to get reports.Like, a LOT of reports.So. Many. Reports.You can do it.— Sigrid Ellis (@sigridellis) 십일월 6, 2020 I saw Elvis and Sasquatch voting in Georgia.— Clevo (@ClevoZW) 십일월 6, 2020 Guys please do not fill out this form with names like I.P. Freely or Heywood Jablowmee or Amanda Hugenkiss. Please do not do that.— but what about these beans (@TheNYCBuckeye) 십일월 6, 2020 k-pop stans, we need you one last time…— black lives matter (@stevehamlin19) 십일월 6, 2020 Donald J Trump – 1600 pennsylvania ave washington dc 20500— Nick Demetralis (@NickDemetralis) 십일월 5, 2020

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