Tom Brady Slams Helmet In Tantrum And Twitter Loves It When He's Angry

“Social media is mad about quarterback Tom Brady getting angry. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback hammered his helmet against the bench after the New York Giants’ Leonard Williams sacked him in the second quarter of Monday night’s game. Granted, Brady loses his temper fairly often, but his detractors love to see it. Tom Brady letting out his frustration 😬— NFL Stats (@NFL_Stats) November 3, 2020 Monday’s tantrum happened in a winning effort. The six-time Super Bowl champ threw two second-half touchdown passes to lead the visiting Buccaneers to a 25-23 victory. But the haters will always have the helmet slam.  Such a man baby 👶 🍼— kimberlee may (@maynhs) November 3, 2020 He is mad because he losing his access to the White House.— The Angry Lamb (@RL_NewEngland) November 3, 2020 Feels like this voids the warranty of the helmet 🤣— Kyle Wrinn (@Kwrinn78) November 3, 2020 No matter who your team is, seeing Brady throwing a tantrum is always funny 😂— paige (@jaureguiregreti) November 3, 2020 Absolutely love to see it— Cyler Khase (@KCH080293) November 3, 2020 That’s a hissy fit😂😂— Sonia (@Sonia45350140) November 3, 2020— JD FinsFan (He-Man Hagen) (@JDFinsFan) November 3, 2020 Such a drama queen, he over reacts way to much!— TJ Clark (@Maverick4654) November 3, 2020

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