Trevor Noah Has A Gas With One Thing You Missed About Rudy Giuliani's Alleged Fart

Last week, Rudy Giuliani was having a gas, and now Trevor Noah is too. Maandag, the “Daily Show” host noted the recent news that Giuliani had tested positive for COVID-19, calling him the disease’s “least surprising victim yet.” But Noah pretty quickly moved on to more pressing matters: Giuliani allegedly farting at a hearing. If you needed any more proof that Donald Trump’s personal attorney was full of hot air at an election fraud hearing in Michigan last Wednesday, prevailing headlines claimed he let one rip. Of, in the words of Noah, he made a “full-on trumpet blast.” While the video from the event doesn’t definitely show Giuliani tooted, Noah gave one moment the smell test. “I’m pretty sure that you will hear it, but you will definitely know it — the moment when it happens — by watching the face of the woman sitting next to him,” Noah said. “O, man,” Noah said, laughing after playing the video. “The look that she gave him. You know that look she gave him like, ‘I knew I should have worn a face mask around you, you smelly bitch.’” He continued, “And it was so loud! It sounded like his butt was demanding a recount of his lunch.” See the “Daily Show” host get cheeky above, even theorizing that the fart was part of Giuliani’s sound strategy all along.

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