Trump Biographer Hits President Where It Hurts: Can’t Even Succeed At Being A Loser

A biographer of Donald Trump turned one of the president’s favorite insults — “loser” — against him and described Trump’s refusal to accept defeat in the 2020 election as “buffoonery.” “He is a profoundly incompetent person, a loser, if you might say,” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael D’Antonio, a contributor for CNN, told the network’s “Newsroom” show on Friday. “He’s so incompetent, that he cannot even succeed at being a loser,"라고 말했다. D’Antonio, who penned the 2016 book “The Truth About Trump,” said the president was “failing at this essential task” of admitting defeat and that “we all lose at various moments.” But Trump can’t “acknowledge that the system worked, that there was no fraud” as he alleges in the election and instead he is “dragging us through this show and it’s really redolent of all of the flaws in his personality and character that have been present almost since birth," 그는 덧붙였다. Trump was also “quite capable” of not attending President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, D’Antonio claimed, suggesting Trump could (as has been rumored) “very well declare a 2024 run before Inauguration Day and thereby try to deprive Biden of the attention that he deserves.” “I don’t think we can assume he’ll do anything normal," 그는 덧붙였다.

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