Trump Publicly Admits Biden Win For First Time, Continues To Allege 'Rigged' Election

In a tweet Sunday, President Donald Trump continued to spread false claims about the election but also publicly acknowledged for the first time that President-elect Joe Biden won the contest. Trump has repeatedly ― and falsely ― declared victory in the election, despite virtually all major media networks projecting Biden as the winner. Multiple world leaders have congratulated Biden on his win as the Democrat’s team has begun the transition process. “He won because the Election was Rigged,” Trump wrote in his tweet Sunday, referring to Biden. Though Trump has repeatedly claimed the election was “rigged” and has pushed baseless allegations of voter fraud and ballot-counting irregularities, his campaign has failed to produce any evidence of widespread issues. In his tweet, Trump falsely claimed election observers weren’t allowed at polling places. Both Republican and Democratic election observers were permitted inside polling places, as lawyers for the president’s reelection campaign have admitted. Trump also suggested that Dominion Voting Systems Corp., a company that sells electronic voting software, manipulated ballots or inaccurately tabulated votes. But election experts and officials in several states have rejected the president’s claim. Twitter quickly slapped a warning on Trump’s tweet, noting his claim about election fraud is “disputed.” Trump, who says a lot things about the election here that even his own administration has rejected, acknowledges Biden won for the first time.— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) 十一月 15, 2020 Trump’s public acknowledgment of Biden’s victory comes on the heels of a massive pro-Trump rally in Washington on Saturday in which attendees echoed the president’s claims of a rigged election. The rally, dubbed the “Million MAGA March” by participants, drew thousands of Trump supporters as well as counter-demonstrators. Violent clashes between the two parties erupted after nightfall on Saturday, leading to at least one stabbing and more than a dozen arrests.