Trump Team Would Get Its 'Clock Cleaned' At Supreme Court, Scoffs Pennsylvania's Lt. governo.

“Pennsylvania Lt. governo. John Fetterman ha riso delle sfide legali "perse" del presidente Donald Trump e della sua campagna e ha avvertito che avrebbero ripulito il loro "orologio" se avessero portato un caso negli Stati Uniti. Supreme Court. Fetterman, a Democrat, disdainfully referred to the team’s baseless claims of election fraud as “snake handling.” The Trump campaign and supporters lost two key Pennsylvania cases in a week this month. NOI. District Court Judge Matthew W. Brann blasted a suit to block votes “without merit” — or evidence of any fraud. In another ruling Saturday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously tossed a lawsuit by Rep. John Kelly (R-Pa.) and other Republicans challenging the legitimacy of mail-in ballots. Asked on CNN late Saturday if he was worried about an appeal to the top court, Fetterman smiled and responded: “I hope they do. They’re gonna get their clock cleaned there the way they did here in Pennsylvania.” Fetterman said that when it comes time to produce any evidence to back up the campaign’s baseless accusations of fraud, “they talk about how they have a sworn affidavit from someone who heard a cousin’s girlfriend at work who] read something on Facebookwhich of course gets shredded in every courtroom that they’re dumb enough to step into.” Joe Biden’s “going to be the next president of the United States,” Fetterman declared. “These lies that are only meant to destroy and damage the American franchise have been rejected time and time again.” The wrangling is continuing, he said, because Republicans have to deal with a vengeful president and are under pressure to “pander to the snake-handling, lunatic fringe of the party.” Check out Fetterman’s CNN interview in the video up top.

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