Tucker Carlson Moans That Election Is Now 'In The Control Of Lawyers' After Trump Sues

“Tucker Carlson complained Wednesday that the outcome of the presidential election is now under the control of lawyers, ignoring why that’s the case. (See the video below.) President Donald Trump has filed lawsuits in multiple states seeking to stop vote counting or invalidate results that may cost him the presidency as he lagged behind Democrat Joe Biden. The legal assault, on top of Trump’s baseless claims of electoral fraud, furthers the president’s attempts to undermine the integrity of legal mail-in voting, which favors Biden. “In a lot of ways, unfortunately, what happened last night could not have been worse for this country, for our children, for our grandchildren, for our future,” Carlson declared on his Fox News show.  “The outcome of our presidential election was seized from the hands of voters, where of course it rightly belongs, and now resides in the control of lawyers and courts and highly partisan, clearly corrupt, big city bureaucrats. So no matter what happens next, that is a tragedy.” Carlson said his show would follow the story as “honestly as we can wherever it leads.” The conservative commentator used his proclamation as a lead-in to a wide-ranging bashing of Democrats. “What they really wanted was to control everything,” Carlson said, adding that their goal was “a one-party state with complete control over the population.”

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