Tucker Carlson Says 'Let's All Stop Lying.' Twitter Mockingly Agrees.

We can’t lie ― the responses to Fox News personality Tucker Carlson urging the nation to stop lying are pretty funny. “How do we bring the country together?” Carlson asked on his show Monday between his attacks on “elites” and social media over the presidential election result. “How do we calm things down? How do we make an America you want to live in? And the only answer, the only solution, is honesty,” Carlson continued. “Let’s all stop lying. Lying about everything that matters. Everyday of our lives. That’s what we’re doing now. Have you noticed? How many times did you lie today cause you had to? Let’s repeal our national dishonesty mandate.” Tucker: \”How do we fix it and bring the country together? How do we make in America you want to live in? The only answer, the only solution is honesty. Let’s all stop lying.\Uhhhpic.twitter.com/CquMhjbgVb— Angelo Carusone (@GoAngelo) 十一月 10, 2020 Sure, Americans said. (But not really.) You first, Tucker.— Minerva (@Minerva47874627) 十一月 10, 2020 Turn on the gaslight Tucker is doing his thing.— Joshua (@billyliberty) 十一月 10, 2020 This is like El Chapo telling everyone to stop selling drugs.— Malcom Warner (@XwarnermX) 十一月 10, 2020 Have you spoken to Trump about this truth telling business???— jacana (@theresa48824639) 十一月 10, 2020 Start by stating the widespread voting fraud conspiracy hoax is just that. Also an insult to election officials and poll workers (mostly volunteers) of both Parties. They would all have to be in cahoots in order for this hoax to be anything else— Flibbity Dubbity (@FlibbityD) 十一月 10, 2020 Hahaha @TuckerCarlson is hilarious— Frank Conway (@fpcinnyc) 十一月 10, 2020 Self awareness = 0— *Trump Chicken🐔 (@chickencovfefe) 十一月 10, 2020