Twitter Critics Can't Even: Trump Reportedly Blames Legal Team For Making Him Look Bad

Critics who love to mock Donald Trump went bonkers over an NBC News report Monday that the president is complaining his legal team is made up of “fools making him look bad,” according to sources. Trump was reportedly particularly upset about off-the-rails appearance at the Washington headquarters of the Republican National Committee last week by his wild, long-time personal attorney and friend Rudy Giuliani, who’s leading the failed effort to overturn the presidential election. As Giuliani ranted about baseless accusations of election fraud, what appeared to be something like hair dye began dripping down his face. One Twitter wag called it a “cranial oil leak.” Legal team member Sidney Powell was sidelined Sunday after she suggested at the same press conference — without a shred of proof — that Venezuela, Cuba, Antifa, George Soros, the Clinton Foundation and the late Hugo Chávez rigged the election for Joe Biden. Trump backer and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lashed the president’s legal team that same day as a “national embarrassment.” Detractors on Twitter pointed out that Trump chose Giuliani to lead his legal team. They also noted that the president is quite capable of looking bad without any help. For once, he’s on the moneyand the biggest fool of them all hired them.— Rebellion & Resistance, Hasta La Victoria, Siempre (@ManuZingar) novembre 23, 2020 It took him 34 losses to figure that out?— Couchtomato62 (@couchtomato62) novembre 23, 2020 Part of me wants this to never end. Lol. It’s like @realDonaldTrump found the worst lawyers in the world to try to take over staying in power. This is a comedy material— The Flying Eagle (@Marcin_A_L) novembre 23, 2020 Breaking News: Water is wet.— Geoff (wear a mask) Nesnow (@DonotInnovate) novembre 23, 2020 Somewhere along the line someone confused \represent Trump\with \imitate Trump.\What we’re seeing is the result of bad method acting.— Increasingly Cranky (@BrainGoblin) novembre 23, 2020 Here we are, nearing the end of the Trump Error, and Trump still thinks other people make him look bad.No @realDonaldTrump, you make yourself look bad, repeatedly. The legal team you have chosen, hair dye sweat & all, just confirms that.— Denise Shearin 🌊 😷 (@DeniseShearin) novembre 23, 2020 Well he finally Is right about something 😂— Jimbezse (@SWWACOACH) novembre 23, 2020 This is the worst post election behavior that our country has ever witnessed.— Georgette (@GeorgetteRain) novembre 23, 2020 In fairness to the legal team, their problem isn’t that they’re bad lawyers but that they are unethical lawyers for agreeing to bring lawsuits that are not just weak, but utterly without merit. What makes Trump look bad isn’t his lawyers but his pursuit of bullshit lawsuits.— Bob Schechter (@BobSchechter) novembre 23, 2020 Trump doesn’t need The Gang That Couldn’t Sue Straight to make him look bad.He’s doing fine all by himself.— Edward J. Higgins (@EdwardJHiggins) novembre 23, 2020 What tipped him off? The buttdialing? The Borat scene? The Landscaping press conference? The cranial oil leak?— Occam’s Razorback (@janeite1900) novembre 23, 2020— lsutigerzfan (@lsutigerzfan) novembre 23, 2020

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