Twitter Users Have Some Mocking Title Ideas For Melania Trump's Reported Memoir

“멜라니아 트럼프 영부인이 백악관에서 회고록을 쓰기 위해 논의 중인 것으로 알려졌다.. 그리고 트위터 유저들, 이전에 도널드 트럼프 대통령의 아들에게 했던 것처럼, 도널드 트럼프 주니어, and former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, have thrown out some mocking title suggestions. The #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir hashtag trended nationally late Friday into Saturday. Some people referenced Trump’s speech at the 2016 공화당 전당대회, in which she appeared to plagiarize parts of former first lady Michelle Obama’s address at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Others used their suggestions to call out her husband, the president. Unbecoming#TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— Callie Khouri (@CallieKhouri) 12 월 5, 2020 #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir I Still Really Don’t Care, Do You?— Katalina St. Yves (@KatalinaMelody) 12 월 4, 2020 Becoming Best #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— Richard Jeter (@MilesToGo13) 12 월 5, 2020 The Devil Wears MAGA. #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— jescobar (@jorge19691) 12 월 5, 2020 “Lady and the Trump” #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— simon king (@unfamous) 12 월 5, 2020 I Never Promised You A Rose Garden #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— Mister Race Bannon (@MrRaceBannon) 12 월 4, 2020 I Don’t Care Why the Caged Child Cries #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— 😷 Tara Dublin #Biden46 😷 (@taradublinrocks) 12 월 5, 2020 That’s What She Said” #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— CK (@charley_ck14) 12 월 4, 2020 White Pride And Prejudice #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— Mister Race Bannon (@MrRaceBannon) 12 월 4, 2020 Becoming Best #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— The Daily Edge (@TheDailyEdge) 12 월 5, 2020 #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir How to Be Best Married to Worst— Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine (@BleedingMarine) 12 월 4, 2020 I’m With Stupid #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir— Gia ❤️🦋🎄☃️🥗❤️🌊 (@Joyannah73) 12 월 4, 2020

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