Twitter Users Roast Trump's 46-Minute Election Fraud Tirade

President Donald Trump took to Facebook on Wednesday and spent 46 minutes lying about election fraud. Although Trump’s video recycled a number of already debunked claims suggesting a global conspiracy was behind his loss to Joe Biden, he failed to offer any actual evidence supporting his unfounded allegations. You can see for yourself here. Although Trump’s tirade probably failed to help his cause, he did succeed in one aspect: attracting lots of Twitter condemnation. Mr. President, with all due respect, I listened intently to all 45 minutes and did not hear or see any physical evidence of voter fraud. If you would provide the evidence, this would be over.— Grayson (@TVGuyGrayson) 12 월 2, 2020 In this endless speech of lies and nonsense, Trump holds up a graphic that I described as an \unusually easy\thing to debunk when I did so two weeks ago.— Philip Bump (@pbump) 12 월 2, 2020 The attorney general said yesterday the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security looked into this claim about voting machines changing ballots and saw nothing to substantiate it, yet Trump repeats it today with the presidential seal in front of him.— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) 12 월 2, 2020 Your own Attorney General says you’re full of crap— (((Charles Young))) (@CharlieYoungEsq) 12 월 2, 2020 Correction, all legal ballots have been counted, certified bud and counted in close races. It proved the system is solid and works as intended. Trump is repeating falsehoods his own federal judges he appointed are shooting down. Trump is done, he’s just trying to push blame.— Barnacules “ex-MSFT” Nerdgasm 🤓 (@Barnacules) 12 월 2, 2020 Sir, remember the part about how you lost the election a month ago and people across our glorious land can’t decide whether to laugh at you or forget who you are because you’ve been whining like an ass-whupt gimbus in your bunker for weeks?— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) 12 월 2, 2020 Someone give this dude a participation trophy so he’ll shut up.— Stacie (@h8Wankmaggot45) 12 월 2, 2020 Trump’s refusal to accept the election result is a disgraceful assault on our democracy. He is peddling baseless claims of fraud—claims that judge after judge has laughed out of court. Trump needs to accept reality & stop dangerously dividing our nation & sabotaging our democracy— Steven Greenhouse (@greenhousenyt) 12 월 2, 2020 Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen used the occasion to ask the president for a favor: “Please get help.” Please get help.— Andy Cohen (@Andy) 12 월 2, 2020 Another man hoped to turn Trump’s rant into a teachable moment for our nation’s youth. Kids, this is what a liar & a sore loser does. Sadly some grownups don’t seem to know the difference. Thankfully you’ll soon have a real president to look up to, and sometimes disagree with, but one who’ll bring honor and integrity back to the highest office in our land. #ByeDon— Steve Blum (@blumspew) 12 월 2, 2020 But one individual did give credit where credit was due to Trump, noting he’s hitting record numbers where falsehoods are concerned. Saddam Hussein’s propaganda minister Baghdad Bob aka Comical Ali was the world’s most notorious liar. He never passed 5,000 liesDonald Trump now holds the world record for most lies told into the public domain at an enormous 23,000 lies and counting#BiggestLoserTrump— Tomi T Ahonen (@tomiahonen) 12 월 2, 2020

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