Useful Cyber Monday Purchases Under $50 For Every Household

“HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change. AmazonCyber Monday deals on everyday household finds you’ll get a lot of use out of. With more millions (dare we say billions?) of deals live worldwide this Cyber Week, combing through all of those Cyber Week deals is no easy a feat. That’s why our shopping experts here at HuffPost Finds have been combing through all of the deals for several days in order to find you, our readers, the best deals you actually need to know about, from sex toys deals to Dyson deals. With Black Friday already in the books, you might be ready to call it quits on deals shopping this season, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the Cyber Monday deals that are just getting started. Instead, some of the best Cyber Monday deals worth your time might be on smaller household essentials you’ll get a lot of use out of, like silicone food storage bags to replace plastic bags, a down alternative comforter for less than $20, and silicone stretch lids to declutter your Tupperware drawer once and for all. If you’re all set on big-ticket purchases but still want to browse some of Cyber Monday’s more affordable deals you’ll get some use out of, we’ve pulled together a list of mostly under$20 Cyber Monday deals we think every household could use. Take a look below:1A down alternative comforter that’s less than lunch for twoMacy’sYep, we spotted this down alternative comforter for less than the cost of lunch for two. This lightweight, hypoallergenic down comforter comes in seven colors — including traditional white — in sizes twin, full/queen and king. Normally $110, get a full/queen on sale for just $20 at Macy’s this Cyber Monday.2Silicone stretch lids to declutter your Tupperware drawerAmazonA best-seller with HuffPost readers in September, these silicone stretch lids are now on sale this Cyber Monday. They’ll eliminate the needs for Tupperware lids, and ditch your dependence on aluminum foil and plastic wrap. One lid can replace a handful of missing Tupperware lids. This set of 16 stretch lids comes with seven different sizes, some big enough to fit over your largest stock pot, and some small enough to fit on a coke can. They’re also dishwasher and freezer safe. Normally $10, get them on sale for $7.50 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.3A bunch of board games on salePhoto by Dave Photoz on UnsplashMost of us are gearing up for a long, cold winter spent mostly indoors and at home. With everyone now suddenly obsessed with chess thanks to \”The Queen’s Gambit,\” it’s no surprise that other board games are also a good place to start for passing the time this winter. And right now, you can get 30% off Hasbro board games on Amazon, from Monopoly and Battleship, to Jenga and Scrabble. 4A cordless drill to level up your winter home DIY projectsAmazonWhether you’re a seasoned DIYer or are just starting out, you probably know that a drill is necessary to get a lot done around the house. From drilling shelves, to putting together IKEA furniture, a drill saves you a lot of time and effort on quick tasks around the house. This drill set comes with 30 accessories including a rechargeable battery and various driving and drill bits. Normally $57, get it on sale for $40 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.5This weird sticky gel for detailed cleaningAmazonThis cleaning gel is marketed for car detail cleaning (air vents, console, etc.), but it can also be used around the house in hard-to-clean spaces. Use it on keyboards, in fans, on speakers and other tight corners where dust builds up. It’s a top-seller for a reason. Normally $8, get it on sale for $6 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.6A handheld vac that does the dirty work for youMacy’sThis pint-sized wet/dry handheld vac is the perfect size for cleaning up messes on the go. Use it in your car, on the stairs, or really anywhere. Normally $50, get it on sale for $25 on Cyber Monday at Macy’s.7These reusable food wraps, to ditch plastic wrap for goodAmazonDitch plastic wrap in favor of these reusable, eco-friendly wraps made of organic cotton and bee’s wax. Use them on produce, bread, cheese and whatever else you would typically wrap up in plastic. The bee’s wax creates a natural seal around the food with the heat of your skin. Just avoid using hot water on them when you rinse them so you get the longest use out of them. Normally $18, get them on sale for $14 on Cyber Monday on Amazon when you click the $4-off coupon code before checkout.8A way to organize your spice cabinetAmazonThe Spicy Shelf spice rack is perhaps one of the most useful spice storage solutions out there. It creates two elevated rows of spice storage that sits along the perimeter of your spice cabinet, freeing up the middle area for larger pantry staples like oil, vinegar, sugar, flour, and canned goods. Normally $37, get it on sale for $22 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.9Replacement Brita filters, because everyone needs themAmazonWe’ve all had a time when we’ve gone far too long between replacing our Brita filters. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect time to stock up on these easy-to-overlook essentials. Normally $34 for a three-pack, get them on sale for $15 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.10Sherpa plaid throws Macy’sOne can never have too many warm, cozy throw blankets for the winter. Whether you’re looking to dress up your arm chair for the holidays, or need a gift for the person who is always cold, you can’t go wrong with these cute affordable throws. Normally $60, get them on sale for $20 on Cyber Monday at Macy’s.11A Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushAmazonIt might not be the sexiest Cyber Monday purchase, but it sure is the most practical. This Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush is an Amazon best-seller that gently cleans your teeth and gums using a pressure sensor, so you know if you’re brushing too hard. You can easily order replacement brush heads through Amazon, too. Normally $70, get it on sale for $35 when you click the extra $5-off coupon before checkout.12An over-the-sink dish-dry rackAmazonThis over-sink dish-drying rack is a best seller for a reason. Declutter your counter space by going vertical with this genius drying rack. It includes multiple hooks for hang-drying mugs, utensils, cutting boards and more, and also includes collection holders for drying your cutlery. You’ve even got a designated slot to hold you dish soap and hand soaps. Just be sure to carefully measure before purchasing — this isn’t expandable or adjustable. Normally $70, get it on sale for $46 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.13Silicone food storage bags, to ditch plasticAmazonDitch plastic bags once and for all with the silicone food storage bags from Stasher. They’re dishwasher, microwave, freezer and boiling-temperature safe. Right now, all Stasher bag sizes are on sale on Amazon. Get various sizes of Stasher bags on sale on Cyber Monday on Amazon.14A way to organize your under-sink cabinetAmazonWhy is it that everyone’s under-sink cabinet looks like a disaster zone? Organize it once and for all with this expandable under-sink organizer. If your kitchen cabinets are deep enough, you could even use this to organize dry goods, canned foods and even Tupperware and food storage lids in the kitchen. Normally $30, get it on sale for $20 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.15A set of smartplugs to use throughout the homeAmazonSmart plugs like this are perhaps one of the best hacks for making your holiday decorations work for you. Use one with your Christmas tree lights, another for your outdoor lights and others around the house to easily turn on your decorations by asking your smart home device. If you need a few to get started, we spotted this set of four smart plugs that’s normally $30 on sale for $26 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.16A chrome-plated dish drainerAmazonEvery kitchen needs a useful dish drainer. This no-frills dish-drying rack includes a few places for plates, dishes and cutlery and is perfect for those who live alone or small families. Normally $30, get it on sale for $16 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.17Crest 3D Whitestrips, for a whiter smileAmazonYou might not be doing much IRL socializing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t care about your pearly whites. Crest 3D Whitestrips are a great gift for yourself for the holiday season, or could even make a fun stocking stuffer for the person who’s looking to brighten up their smile this holiday season. Normally $40, get them on sale for $30 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.18A magnetic knife holderAmazonIf you don’t have room for a knife block, there’s hope for you yet. Clean out your cutlery drawer with this magnetic knife bar holder to keep all of your essential cutlery within reach. Normally $20, get it on sale for $18 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.19A \”Type-A\” way to keep your devices smudge-freeAmazonThe iRoller Screen Cleaner rolls away fingerprints, smudges, and smears from touch screens on your phone or tablet. It’s liquid-free and can be cleaned by rinsing with water. Normally $20, get it on sale for $17 on Amazon when you click the $3-off coupon code at checkout.20The Fire TV Stick Lite, a no-frills option for app browsingAmazonAmazon’s newest and more affordable Fire TV Stick now comes in a \”Lite\” model that, while still includes Alexa voice control, it does not include TV controls and will not control power and volume on your TV, soundbar, or receiver. It’s a good option for someone who doesn’t care about having a couple of remotes for different uses. (If you do want a Fire TV Stick that has TV controls, we recommend the regular Fire TV Stick, which is also on sale). Normally $30, get the Fire TV Stick Lite on sale for $17 on Cyber Monday on Amazon.

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