Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Ushers In 'New Day For America' In Victory Speech

In her first public address as vice president-elect, Kamala Harris thanked voters on Saturday night for “turning out in record numbers to make your voices heard” and ushering in a “new day for America.” Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, ahead of President-elect Joe Biden, Harris offered a glimpse into her and Biden’s hopeful vision for the country. “Now is when the real work begins. The good work. The necessary work. The essential work ― to root out systemic racism in our justice system and society, to combat the climate crisis, and to unite our country and heal the soul of our nation," 그녀가 말했다. Harris has made history as the first woman and person woman of color to be named vice president-elect. In her speech, Harris remembered her mother ― Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a scientist and immigrant from India ― and paid tribute to the “Black women, and Asian, white, Latina and Native American women, who throughout our nation’s history have paved the way for this moment tonight.” “And while I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last,” she said to loud cheers. VP-Elect Kamala Harris pays tribute to the women of color who “have paved the way for this moment tonight — women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality, liberty and justice for all, including the Black women who are often — too often overlooked.”— ABC News (@ABC) 십일월 8, 2020 This is a breaking news story. 업데이트를 다시 확인하세요..

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