White House Operating 'Assumption' Is Second Trump Term: 彼得纳瓦罗

“白宫的运作“假设”是唐纳德特朗普即将进入他的第二个任期, 他的贸易顾问彼得纳瓦罗周五表示, 尽管所有相反的事实. Clearly others in the White House agree, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who said she expects Trump to attend “his own inauguration” in January. But the majority of voters don’t. “We think he won that election,” said Navarro, even though Trump lost. “We are moving forward here at the White House under the assumption that there will be a second Trump term,” Navarro said on Fox Business. Trump has refused to concede the race that has been declared for Biden, and is challenging the results in court, but with no success to date. “Our assumption is a second Trump term,” Navarro repeated. “Any speculation about what Joe Biden might do” in office “is moot at this point,“ 他加了. Navarro revealed the working assumption as he responded to a question of what trade actions Biden might take as president. Navarro hammered the baseless Trump line about a rigged election. “We have what appears, in some sense, to be an immaculate deception,“ 他说, indicating that Biden’s apparent win by more than 5 million votes is a mirage. Navarro is an unrepentant Trump campaigner, even though plugging the president’s reelection on the taxpayers’ dime is a violation of the Hatch Act. Watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has called for Navarro to be fired for his “egregious, notorious, and ongoing” violations of the Hatch Act. “Navarro’s repeated disregard for the law warrants his removal from federal service,” stated a CREW letter last month to the Special Counsel’s Office after Navarro brazenly admitted on Fox that he had worked for Trump’s campaign. “Anything less than that reaffirms this administration’s complicity in allowing senior officials to act as if they are above the law.”